July 1st, 2011 / 3:27 am

Prayer for What They Said and What They Were Not Told by Paul Maliszewski

This week marks the release of Paul Maliszewski’s new chapbook, Prayer for What They Said and What They Were Not Told, published by Varmint Armature, Trnsfr’s new publishing racket. Do pick one up. You shan’t regret it. The cost? A mere $8. And if you subscribe to Trnsfr, you’ll receive P.F.W.T.S.A.W.T.W.N.T.  entirely free of charge. Be one the first 25 and Maliszewski will sign and number your copy, and almost certainly entertain fond and benevolent thoughts about you all the while. Now what could be better than that? Just go to here.

Tiny excerpt:

“I was wondering, have I ever told you about the time I took some LSD this guy had?

What guy? the wife said.

Well, it was before I met you, he said. It was on my birthday.

The husband was living then with his parents and back to working at the deli counter. He had dropped out of college, but only for the year. He just needed a little break from things. So anyway, he was alone, had nothing to do, but he had this stuff from a guy at the deli. The guy was born with one normal arm and one arm that never developed. It looked about the size of a baby’s arm but more shriveled, the husband said. The other thing about this guy was that he had been in a band that went on to achieve brief national renown, though he had quit the group a few years before they became famous. He played guitar, the husband said. You wouldn’t think he could, and it looked strange to see, his one shriveled arm working up and down the fret board, but he was really good.”

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