December 20th, 2013 / 1:49 pm

27 Points: The Louisiana Purchase

  1. Here’s a gift idea: a two dollar bill. They’re fucking cool. It’s so usual and unusual. Here’s another one: a book of linked poems.
  2. An analogy is a comic roast. YOU ONLY ROAST THOSE YOU LOVE. Same with shooting a book. I only shoot books I love.

  1. Damn, that woke the neighbors.
  2. Tiny compressed mythologies.
  3. Fun fact: Thomas Jefferson was a bad, sloppy dresser.
  4. Numbering all whacked.
  5. There is a running, weeping elephant in this book.

  1. Assembled from fractured myths, Westerns, Disney, fictions, child-hood memories, life abroad, and primary sources, what follows is my uneven, transitioning, and forever incomplete America.
  2. Once lost a lot of money in a Baton Rouge casino.
  3. Radio, horses, a telegram—all characters.
  4. But in the book’s tender final poem, “Words burrowed…,” the now-married couple sails a miniature boat in a park fountain, which they imagine swells “sea-wide.”
  5. There’s some meta shit in here. Oh yeh, snappity.
  6. Exquisite, sharp images at time, like two leaves falling into the bicycle basket of a girl pedaling past…
  7. Germinated in blood!
  8.  Something.
  9. But friendship is precious.
  10. To play. Have we forgotten the joy of pushing words about?
  11. Iowa 1806 needed two million nine hundred twenty-three thousand one hundred seventy-nine Big Macs and a Diet Coke.
  12. Ever inhaled New Orleans streets after a rain? Jesus.
  13. It is a historical artifact. A thing to carry about, like a Mason jar. It reminds me of Richard Brautigan, it do, the wistfulness, the naming.
  14. It also reminded me of Maurice Manning and that’s one hell of a compliment, folks. Read this book, if you are a panther!
  15. I am not a friend to a very energetic government.
  16. The moon arrives in a pair of red shoes.
  17. Drank so much in New Orleans my _________ went all _____________
  18. A compressed vision of history, in which time doesn’t offer any density, or reality.
  19. The winter blues move in.

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  1. Trey

      I wrote a poem that directly references (attacks?) lines from a companion for owls, nobody seemed to care