May 29th, 2011 / 11:40 pm

3 Things Good Today

1. Michael Rapaport in the movie Special.

2. Isak Dinesen’s short story, “The Blank Page.” Read it here.

3. The first paragraph of Winter’s Bone, a book I was given before it made the now-infamous and stupidly misguided List, which I began reading today. At least it has a female protagonist? Nice sounds:

…Meat hung from trees across the creek. The carcasses hung pale of flesh with a fatty gleam from low limbs of saplings in the side yards. Three halt haggard houses formed a kneeling rank on the far creekside and each had two or more skinned torsos dangling by rope from sagged limbs…

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  6. deadgod

      Not that everything has to be, or is only to be, talked about in connection to influence, but the rhythm of that paragraph is McCarthyesque.  He’s become – maybe only in my imagination – a Force.

  7. Tummler

      “The Blank Page” is a great story indeed. I stumbled upon it while trying to figure out the title/author of Dave Eggers’s blank short story “There Are Some Things He Should Keep to Himself.”

  8. Bradley Harrison

      I may have missed something.. (nothing new there)  : to what list are you referring?

  9. jtc

      believe it was this list by this magazine about 75 manly books all men are now required to read before they die forever. someone had a post about it a few days ago here.

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  12. alexisorgera

      the Esquire “75 books every man should read” list. Which had some good books on it, some of my favorites, as a matter of fact. But totally silly that only one woman made the list–as though all men are actually only interested in reading other men. 

  13. alexisorgera

      I agree. Except McCarthy’s paragraph would have been two pages and included lots of made up compounds. :)

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  15. Nick

      Glad you specified Michael Rapaport in the movie Special, and not so much the movie itself.

  16. alexisorgera

      I really loved the way the movie was shot, but I thought the story was kind of muddled; I guess it was supposed to reflect the Rapaport character’s muddled mind, maybe? But it was at once a tirade against pharmaceutical drug studies and a really sad personal story. I don’t know–something didn’t gel. 

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