February 16th, 2012 / 5:44 pm

432 tongues breaking wind like bread & butter


Sometimes people ask questions for me and I like that.

Sometimes I ask them myself, like.

Was Terrence McKenna not Mr. Rogers for people who grew up with Mr. Rogers.

Is the world going to end in 2012 or is this a graph of a paradigm shift.

Made by a guy on a lot of drugs who thought he could measure the earth’s vibe. Alone in a room.

What a fool right.

What does it mean that the word vampire contains the sound of pyre if it is Hungarian.

Or that giant contains the ant.

What does it mean that the root of Vulcan is something like “lustre.”

El Greco, "Venus and Vulcan"

Or that lust was a way of saying “this field is ready to plow now.”

Robert McGinnis, "Diamonds Are Forever" (1971)

Or that the Arabic ma’ for “wa’wa,” made its way to be the measure of a diamond’s sparkle. Watt equals one jewel per second. A second used to happen 86,400 times a day and it still does. 864 is twice 432. A hundred is like saying OO in Math. Twice is like saying “this is the third.”

El Greco, "Baptism of Christ"

Or that the North Star, Polaris, is actually three stars, 434 light years away. Which is soo close to 432, a mystical-ass number. Or that 432 AD is the year Bonifacius, “last of the Romans,” ended. The year Sixtus III ascended the papal throne, whose name meant “polished, the third” and whose chief concern was extended peace between Egypt and Syria. To me (and Paul Auster unfortunately) it seems the universe is a poet. Or maybe that’s how the multiverse draws non-linear plot. So that it jiggles. Harmony where the bends meet. Or maybe that’s dumb luck. The sound of a dull pluck. In rhythm. A measure set by the foot. Arbitrary or not. Consider the heart. Is it dumb that some words rhyme while others do not. Is that not simply a stab at ordering chaos. Reining in on fire. Throwing a wrench in the driveshaft so the whole thing spins. What it does. Because as soon as you tell chaos what to do, it turns on you. It’s a filing cabinet that opens itself. A switchboard that switches on and off like a computer, responding to the general hmmm of the human face by planting a parasite in your brain making your arms and legs form the shapes of letters. The Unicode and ASCII value of (Y=89)+(M=77)+(C=67)+(A=65) is 298, which is soo close to 300. The speed of light is 300k km/s. What does that mean if the measure of a kilometer, a klick, is at some level arbitrary, simply convenient. Isn’t that what everything sort of is. Could it be the distance of proportion somehow wedged between our reflection and god. Soo is it just a coincidence that some things happen while others don’t. Is it just dumb luck that we love threes and trees. How many ways can a tongue click. How can luck really be dumb.

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  1. marshall mallicoat

      the speed of light in a vacuum is closer to 300,000 km/s than 299,000 km/s (tho you said 299 km/s)

  2. reynard

      thanx wikipedia.com

  3. Matt Tyler

      enjoyed this comment!

  4. deadgod

      wikipedia dot org you’re welx

  5. reynard

      was joshing dot relx

  6. mimi

      gotta know 
      when to sow 
      gotta eat 
      need that wheat

  7. Stephen Tully Dierks

      it’s youtubedotcom (dot) tumblr (dot) com, actually

  8. Erik Stinson

      Writing was conceived to reconcile urban space – the cosmos were a poetic fact before and after ancient cities. The substantial change can be summarized within the dramatic and spiritual architecture of ‘hell is other people.’ The basic mythology of modern culture is the consumer democracy of ‘the self’ which is also proto-Christian. With the advent of cities, human culture became alienation, became literature. It actually divorced itself from the pure heavens and became a fantasy of politics, poetry, religion. All for the sake of being able to live together, within density culture. 

  9. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski
  10. deadgod

      tried the dot relx url disappointinx

  11. reynard

      actually it’s O rox dot stumbler dot gapingasshole slash whocares

  12. reynard

      that’s a cool way to look at it & i think that’s why it’s so hard for me to write in the middle of nowhere

  13. lorian long

      oops idk what happened there but here: http://youtu.be/1EUiHEv5occ

      the whole thing is amazing

  14. Anonymous

      Can’t believe “Take your stupid mask” isn’t in there!

  15. Anonymous

      dunno if you’re concerned about authorial authority
      if yes then you should be really really concerned  here
      or what about trust
      i was a follower, i suspended my disbelief
      i got burned

  16. reynard

      dunno if i’m concerned about authorial authority either

      maybe you’re too close to your screen

  17. Anonymous

      i lost it at “parasite in your brain”
      suddenly felt like your entire fun article had a different intention or no intention
      i laughed but not nec. bec. of being amused. you wagged me out somewhere and then some kind of dagger i don’t und. excuse me, i’m not making this up
      einstein said “god doesn’t play dice”
      are you saying god is a poltergeist

  18. reynard
  19. Anonymous

      that article is amazing and frightening
      i know a guy who doesn’t let cats in his room bec. of that parasite … i always thought he was uptight
      i don’t know what to do: i can’t say ‘no’ to cats
      this is a worse dagger
      thanks for lightening the blow