September 25th, 2010 / 2:13 pm

6 sculpture drinks of FM-three

14. Who gives a damn about Lady Gaga’s meat dress? People have been wearing meat dresses for years. It’s called leather.

6. A list of supernatural collective nouns (a caucus of shamans, a flurry of yeti, an indulgence of leprechauns). Thank you Paul Symons, and also anyone who lives the Darkon way.

23. As a flash writer, I want to thank Vestal Review for their submission manager. While I enjoyed reading the mag, submitting was once crumpling cot. The prior guidelines Byzantine, bizarre, off-putting (rich text, curly quotes, something). But now it’s all OK. Thanks.

99. So-so Jim Harrison interview here.

Have you ever noticed the painters tend to be more sensual, and better cooks than writers?

5. Book borrowing: Look, here’s the law. You loan the book, consider it flown. If it returns, feel great, like you just dug a musty $20 out your winter jacket pocket. But consider the book gone, and be happy. Customarily you spread skin cells and STDs. Today, you just spread literature! Glow.

24. There is no # 24.

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  1. mimi

      Having been involved seriously with an English major/’writer’ in college and having married someone whose ‘hobbies’ are cooking and painting, yeah, I’ve noticed.

      PS – I drank two margaritas last night, Sean.

  2. Trey

      Wondermark is awesome.

      Also I think about that book loaning thing sometimes. I’ve always thought of it that way (loaning=giving), but it makes me a little selfish with my books. I must be a bad person or something.

  3. deadgod

      14. Is a hair shirt follicular-meat garb? Are the scalps, ears, and scrota of enemies meat garb? Meat Meridian, or The Protein Catabolism in the Small Intestine.

      5. Is the law of book lending a specific instance of the General Law of Lending? (cf. If you borrow a thousand dollars, you have a problem. If you borrow a billion dollars, the bank has a problem.)

      There is no way to respond sensibly to # 24.

  4. Pete Michael Smith

      First– As a writer, I must say I disagree with 99; I’m a terrific cook. Like seriously, you guys. try my stuffing.

      and also: I totally agree with 5. Goodbye book.

  5. mimi

      My conclusion re: 99 is empirical and based on a very small sample size – two.
      So, seriously, like, don’t take my comment too seriously. I’m sure you make a mean stuffing.
      Also, I’ve seen pictures of Sean’s nachos. Mmmmmmyummy.

  6. Owen Kaelin

      Me, I’m a [former] painter as well as a writer, so I guess that’s made me the worst of both worlds. Oh, well.

  7. Ted

      #24: no kharm no foul

  8. Tim

      I’ve always thought of it as a straight gift too. Almost anything I’ve read I’ll give away without planning to even read again, and if it’s something I do plan to read again it’ll be years away and I can library another copy or something.

      If you’re a marginalia person, though, I can see being a bit stingier.

  9. alexisorgera

      Re: #6. Monster Class: A spectacle of behemoths, a bedevilment of bunyips, a clubbing of chupacabra. I’m sold.

  10. mimi

      Oh dear.

  11. Sean

      I will drop some nachos on your ass.