February 21st, 2011 / 7:41 pm
Random & Roundup

5 things killed in Hawaii after falling into a bulltrap

1. ASU’s online literary mag yawps for submissions for short fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art for its 7th issue, which is scheduled to come out in May 2011. The guillotine (a term I argue should now replace the tired deadline)  is March 31. For accessories, check out www.superstitionreview.com.

1. If I was teaching a writing class, which mercifully I don’t have to do, here are some passages I’d refer to by way of illustrating some technical lessons.

1. Fairy tales thrive in the face of technology.

1. Hey listen:

In 2008 there were zero books priced at $1 out of the Top 100 bestsellers of the year. In 2011 there are 21.

In 2008 there were only 5 books priced at $5 or below out of the Top 100 bestsellers of the year. In 2011 there are 48.

(Two nights ago someone offered to buy me a Kindle. I just couldn’t. But I am thinking on it.)

5. Today is President’s Day so go compartmentalize, punks.

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      You don’t seem the type to need people to tell you what to do, but here goes: Get the Kindle. Don’t look back.

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