February 23rd, 2011 / 11:25 am

Another story from Thomas Bernhard’s Prose is available online, this one at Asymptote. It is titled “Is It A Comedy? Is It A Tragedy?”

(via Scott Esposito)



  1. deadgod

      rubbing away the theatre


  2. Janey Smith

      “We’ll meet at the theater tonight. I’ll hold your seat ’til you get there. Once you get there; you’re on your own.”

  3. herocious

      before i read bernhard – always something very musical & manic, i want to say that i once wanted to work with uchicago press but never got around to applying. i did see the building. it was interesting, actually, my copy of MUSEUM OF THE WEIRD came in a uchicago press hard manila envelope, i think even with a receipt from uchicago press. this is interesting b/c FC2 published this book, not uchicago press. i looked into the matter and had it all storied out in my brain, but now i forget. off to read bernard. i’ll wrote more later, probably.

  4. Anthony

      Thanks for the link, Ryan! Asymptote’s a new place focused on translated works but with some room for English-language originals. HTMLGiant fan fave Molly Gaudry has a piece in the Special Feature section alongside Mary Gaitskill. Good reads!

  5. herocious

      just finished bernhard. i liked it. made me laugh 6-8 times. made me chill 1-2 times. made me smarter 4 times. made me dumber 5 times. made me think about the first time i found him 1ce.

      it was in a very old library above the graduate school of business. vaulted ceilings, i think. the ceiling had to have been 75 ft high, made of old limestone blocks. shelves of books were belted against the carpet walls of oversized carrels.

      for some reason canetti caught my eye. his name on a spine. i tilted the thick book off the shelf and held it. then, with canetti in my hand, i saw 3 bernhard books. i had never seen a bernhard book anywhere. i had never heard of bernhard. i chose the lime works, much slimmer than canetti, and walked into the oversized carrel and sat down. i couldn’t stop reading. it’s like i had never understood anything i had ever read. bernhard gave me a thorough understanding. he operated at a speed that made understanding happen naturally.

      i finally understood something.


      i liked this sentence in bernard’s story published with the permision of uchicago press:

      “One describes best what one hates, I thought.”

      like noah c says in his interview with the poet, ana c:

      “I feel like writers write from the wrongness in themselves.” then he asks her:

      “so what do you think is wrong with you?”


  6. Sean

      Thanks for this. I’ve been getting into Bernhard. It is HTML’s fault, of course.

  7. Amber

      Awesome, thanks for posting. Bernard is awesome AND so is Asymptote. Very cool.

  8. J A H

      was going to send you review copy of his speeches, but then you sent me that keith abbot thing. now you will not be receiving it.