January 18th, 2012 / 9:14 pm

a few things I like more than commenting on the internet


I love it.  I love stepping into a gigantic room with a bunch of machines in it and manipulating them until I get tired.  There are heavy objects you can pick up and put down.  There are lighter objects you can pick up in weird ways to make them feel heavier than they actually are!  Sometimes I just get on the treadmill and vibe out to a podcast or a television. You don’t have to be a nut to do it; even swimming is exercising.


It’s incredible.  Last night I was reading (I never thought I’d say this…) John Updike.  His short stories… woah!  Talk about stories!  Characters!  Conflicts!  Prose.



Do you have them?  Have you ever done something with them and then gone out to a bar and had a few beers (or maybe more than a few!) and talked about what you did earlier?  It’s like commenting on the internet, only better.



Have you ever put two pieces of language together that don’t normally go together and thought “hot damn!”?  It’s to die for.

Shoveling Snow

Call me crazy but I really do enjoy shoveling snow, at least more than I enjoy commenting on the internet.


Jesus do I love whiskey.  Have you ever sat in a comfortable chair at night when it’s snowing really slowly and maybe a snow plow rumbles past the window and everyone else is asleep and it’s just you and a glass of whiskey — no ice, no mixer, just whiskey?  It’s the stuff dreams are made of.



  1. rawbbie

      I love all of these things too, but nothing is better than being the first to comment.

  2. deadgod

      Reading, Friends, Writing, and Whiskey can all be ‘done’ at the same time as Commenting on the Internet, as can Blogging about Preferring Other Things to Commenting on the Internet.

  3. Anonymous

      Commenting on the internet is terrifying to me and I’m only now working towards getting over it.   

  4. Anonymous

      Commenting on the internet terrifies me, so this is me working through my fears. 

  5. megan boyle

      “There are lighter objects you can pick up in weird ways to make them feel heavier than they actually are!”


  6. Flex Jance

      I really like this but it’s not quite funny enough to show my friends so I’ll just keep it to myself, thanks man.