July 19th, 2011 / 2:26 pm

Art Observed (Opening Salvo)

Artists have a responsibility to indulge and nourish their ideas, no matter how insignificant they may seem at first. This weekly blog post, Art Observed, is one of those ideas. It seeks to function as both an abstract, non-linear diary of sorts, and as an exercise in observation and image curating. My artwork relies heavily on the juxtaposition of images, their cohesiveness and contradiction, as well as the conclusions that the mind reaches when forced to reconcile the two. For the most part, I will opt to let each set of 10 images speak for itself, but will include some brief commentary if I find it necessary or illuminating. – TD

* * *

Truett Dietz lives in Atlanta, occasionally works on art, and obsessively tries to organize things.



  1. Corey Zeller

      That first one is amazing.

  2. deadgod

      Wayne Rooney post-bicycle-goal?

      The fenced gash is haunting.

  3. Truett Dietz

      Wayne Rooney before all that, just after an injury that was thought to be potentially “career-ending.”

  4. wackomet

      nice tumblr, dude

  5. thom bunn

      Sort of looks like Wayne Rooney but with more hair than ever?

  6. Russ Woods

      aguirre, wrath of god!

  7. Russ Woods

      crap, no.  a different klaus kinski movie

  8. Truett Dietz

      Cobra Verde

  9. Marian May Kaufman

      Just curious would a piece like this just stay in a digital computer format or would you display it in a hard copy format as well and if so how? 

  10. Truett Dietz

      To me, this works better as a digital thing. My artwork is usually collage based, so I alter images and put them together, rather than just juxtaposing them as I did here. 

  11. David Belew

      this just belongs on tumblr, what is html giant for?

  12. David Belew

      just strange to me to act like “non linear image collage journal” blah blah is a consciously constructed process rather than an internet phenomena. There are hundreds upon hundreds of such things on tumblr. Many are just reblogging-not thought out regurgitation, but many are made up of completely ‘original’ found work. I don’t think HTML giant is the kind of platform for this. I used to tumbl compulsively–its fun like masturbating but its not art deserving of such a loaded pretext as this (perhaps the entire phenomena itself is but not this string of a few images).
      P.S. Tumblr is ridden with Klaus Kinsky pics: http://tropicalvisions.tumblr.com/post/7910867487/gpoy#notes

  13. Truett Dietz

      I took all these pictures. They have significance to me. I shared them. I apologize if that’s offensive in some way.