January 18th, 2011 / 2:45 am

Bhanu Kapil

I am getting better at laying the meshes down on the riverbank, without feeling that I have to explain to my students how rivers begin, which is all lies anyway.  Young river, old river, my ass.  We studied that in Geography but the girls who went on to do it for A Level said that when they got there, they were told, straight off, that rivers, in and of themselves, don’t age.  That the young river thing makes the force of time comprehensible in the absence of a true geology curriculum.  Reading Winnicott on deep play, and still dazzled from seeing Lynda Barry lecture on creativity last week, I understand that I have to avoid the tendency to tell my students what is what before they begin.  I have to let them begin.  I have to make enough room for a person to go a little wild, in the first stages of a process, something that universities generally curtail.

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