October 22nd, 2013 / 3:21 pm

Call for Submissions: “Poetry Sucks!”

I was asked to pass this along, so, here it is! Good luck.

Call For Submissions

The upcoming Third Man Books anthology to be titled Poetry Sucks! An Anthology of Poetry, Music, and All Sorts of Bad Language is accepting submissions.

Third Man Records co-founders Jack White and Ben Swank originally conceived the record label to house, produce, and distribute Jack’s music projects. However, they have always intended to broaden the endeavor’s scope. TMR now features many music artists other than Jack and has taken on new projects such as distributing the legendary Sun and Paramount record labels. Film is another avenue TMR has begun to explore. And not surprising to many, Jack and Ben happen to be language lovers.

Poetry Sucks! is extremely happy to be working with Third Man Books on a multi-media anthology to be published in early 2014. Ben especially has been a staunch supporter and participant in the Poetry Sucks! reading series that I have curated in Nashville. This anthology takes inspiration from that series.

Like the reading series, the anthology will include music, poetry, essay, fiction, maybe a confessional or two, and film. Contributors will range from Pulitzer Prize finalists to your local bartender. Please know, too, Third Man’s commitment to unique and collectible packaging, always interesting promotion, and trademark quality will be evident in the anthology. (I mean, 12″ vinyl records, download cards, video, great paper, and even quill pens are already being discussed!)

We ask all contributors submit by Nov 1, 2013. We do not require exclusivity. We will accept previously published work. And despite TMR being primarily known as a rock-n-roll label, please realize we want diversity. There is no theme for the publication. We only hope for your best work.

•Please EMAIL 3-5 poems and/or up to 25 pages of prose to TManthology@comcast.net in a single .doc file.
•We ask that you include contact information and a brief bio (150 words max).
•If you have a nom de plume other than your given name, please specify.
•If the piece has been previously published, please include the publication credits.
•If we need permission to use the piece, please include the appropriate contact information.


  1. davidpeak

      I saw the White Stripes play a show in Detroit in like 2003 and it was one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen.

  2. Janey Smith

      how do i email vomit

  3. Trey

      if it doesn’t actually include my local bartender I’m going to be pissed

  4. Trey

      also is jack white actually involved in this? because he really strikes me as the kind of guy that would think “Poetry Sucks! An Anthology of Poetry, Music, and All Sorts of Bad Language” is a subversive or edgy title. marketed to 16 year olds who want to be seen reading it before class in high school, waiting for the opportunity to explain that they don’t *actually* think poetry sucks, the title is *ironic*.

      I hate the title a lot, that’s what I’m trying to say.