May 23rd, 2011 / 3:35 pm

Fluxus For Free

Very excited to learn about this new free digital edition of the out-of-print Fluxus Reader, via Jacket 2.

What is Fluxus you ask? A few introductory examples after the jump…

Yoko Ono – Cut Piece (1965)


Yasunao Tone – Anagram for Strings


Wolf Vostell – Sun in your head – television decollage (1963)



George Maciunas – End After 9 (1966)



Sonic Youth playing Piano #13 for Nam June Paik by George Maciunas



I Can Follow Instructions

…is a series of videos created after artist instruction works or scores.

The series acts as a video résumé, an affirmation of my ability to complete tasks and “work well with others.” Contemplating a culture of getting-things-done, to do lists, and project management these videos are a meditation on everyday work and task execution. Additionally, the videos set up a subservient relationship to a branch of the art historical timeline that influences my artistic practice.

Instructions by George Brect, Yoko Ono, Mieko Shiomi, Ken Friedman, Emmett Williams, Larry Miller, Robert Watts, and Douglas Gordon.



Brandon LaBelle performs John Cage’s Lecture on Nothing from 1950 by a deaf man (via Modisti)

Here is The Fluxus Performance Workbook

Here is the official Fluxus blog

Also, check out this Ubuweb podcast The Sound of Fluxus


  1. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      when i was in the archaeology/art history department at eastern mediterranean university, this book was in the department’s library. i seem to recall a piece juxtaposing taoism and the fluxus movement.

      i remember mentioning this book on the literary kicks website and having a few people all exited about it. at the time (2003), it all seemed important/fun to think about, but as i got older or graduated or left the university system entirely, i found these ideas slightly empty (fluxus artists seemed to be dadaists that took themselves too seriously).

      but now, with a free copy, i will gladly re-examine a movement i once found fertile. i fear i’m beginning to take myself a little too seriously. 

      thank you for the heads up. 

  2. Joseph Young


      if you play that yoko ono video backwards you can hear her breaking up the beatles. 

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  6. christopher.

      Rad to see Fluxus getting chatted up here. I actually didn’t know anything about it until Big Car, the gallery/art collective Vouched is partnered with, declared 2011 a year of Fluxus, and they’re trying to get 2011 (I think? or maybe just 1000.) works of fluxus in by the end of the year.

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      I’m glad to see Yasunao Tone on here. 

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      I’m glad to see Yasunao Tone on here. 

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