October 21st, 2010 / 8:08 am

Geography Thursdays #5: Gypsies, Romanies, and Travelers

Gypsy/Romany/Traveler Photographs by Lyn Smith, from the DX Collection

How do you study a people who don’t have a fixed national home, about whom there is no scholarly consensus about how to define the object of study, and who largely don’t want to be studied in the first place? That’s the difficult task faced by David J. Nemeth, ethnographer, “radical geographer,” and curator of the DX collection at the Carlson Library of the University of Toledo, where you can peruse photographs, video and audio recordings, blogs, and bibliographies related to the study of Gypsies, Romanies, and Travelers.


  1. Paul Joseph

      This post is a nice change of pace, thematically, around here.

  2. mimi

      Time of the Gypsies is a really really really good movie.

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  4. Robbiekelso

      Thanks for leading me to a fine site.