January 14th, 2009 / 1:29 am

Hobart back issue special


what aaron burch's office would look like if it were the womens 1500m at the 2005 prefontaine classic

Aaron Burch has announced a back issue special over at the Hobart blog. Here’s what he has to say:

We have way too many back issues in our “office” — piling up, getting in the way, making it hard to move much less find anything. That said, we aren’t very good at knowing what incentives would make these back issues more enticing. So, until we figure something better out, here are two options:

1) Subscribe and we will send you any back issues you want.

2) Send us as much money as you think is fair and tell us which back issues you might want.

Available are issues:
3 (no link with more info!), 5 (travel), 6, 7 (art), and 8.

So yeah, that sounds like an excellent deal to me, one I would have taken advantage of if I hadn’t already had sitting on my shelf issues 3-9.

(thanks to Matt Bell for the tip)


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