November 25th, 2013 / 9:26 am

If Not Notley Then Whatley Elseley?

I’m Cassandra Gillig and I can’t believe that it’s Not Illegal to buy this new chapbook by Alice Notley.  It’s not even imprudent or tacky, it’s just a good thing that is good.  I did it two times and am waiting for the results !!!The Results Are In!!! just kidding they’re not I only ordered it seven minutes ago.

No one has gone to the bother of describing the book I have no idea how many pages it is this could be not even a book IS THIS ACTUALLY A BOOK WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST BUY I AM CALLING THE POLICE if Not A Book then What is It I think probably It is Good do you need more than that? You do?  OK it is this big: 5 1/4″ x 7″.  I don’t remember if quotes mean inches or feet.  Is this a SEVEN FOOT TALL BOOK?  This is just how it has to be when you need it to happen.  I still don’t know if this is a book or not.

Back in the late seventies or early eighties (what) Robert Creeley said of Alice Notley, “She’s the Boss.”  There was even another Boss at that time: Bruce Springsteen.  Alice was just that good; she was better than thunder road or hungry heart–much better.  I can’t believe I know people who have decided to not buy this chapbook I think it’s just rude.  You’re sitting and not buying how should I feel about it if not personally offended.  I am a little sour you have not bought it why are you still reading this and not having this page open to order and buy this chapbook.  This chapbook was made by The Catenary Press which seems like a reliable source of chapbooks.  It seems like–generally–people give them money and then they give those people chapbooks.  It’s so crazy this fucked up capitalist economy where you can buy things or even buy works of art.  What the fuck I miss the good old days when carriage rides were all that moved me.

I can’t review it because I haven’t read it but I can tell you that without Alice Notley’s work I would be probably engaged to be married to The Wrong Guy.  God what would I have done with The Wrong Guy?  Would we have even been able to Go Out?  There’s a  Wrong Guy on almost every corner of every street in every America.  I bet none of them would buy this chapbook.  Oh god what did I almost do???  I am a marked woman through and through.


  1. Quincy Rhoads

      You so silly.

  2. Logan Fry

      It’s 28 pages. Hope that helps.

  3. Logan Fry

      Oh and tho it could be inferred from the above, I feel I should say: yes, it is a book.

  4. kjtuyy

      i will buy it