November 23rd, 2016 / 12:20 pm
Bath & Random

It’s All Good I’m Not Amy Goodman


Russia won the US Elections, white supremacists/fascists/military dictators toasting their BFF heart necklaces in a pyramid scheme, DAPL accepting donations for legal sanitary and emergency purposes, high school students and college students demand sanctuary cities and sanctuary campuses as sites of refuge from fascists, McCarthy-era Submit a Tip watch list compiled by a herd of Sound of Music golden Trump Youth a.k.a Turning Point, families torn apart by white nationalist swamp monsters, Obama somehow became the nation’s First Therapist, deportation trauma continues to swirl, more islands disappear into wrathful unforgiving waters, refugees have nowhere to go despite this one planet, endless slavery and the incarcerated state, $50k Thnxgiving dinners for 8 in Manhattan which is about the same average of graduate student debt in education, science, and arts, the undying click holes of inertia (dance with me, won’t you?), scam universities, the fake news problem, scam everything, the doctrine of legitimacy, elephants still being trained to paint, dolphins be painting too, paranoia as wish-fulfillment, unaffordable Buddhist retreats, warmer degrees, the rising tide of far right conspiracy theory cults, State says literacy is not a right in Detroit, while NYC to spend 1 million per day on Trump security, and a few days ago in Chicago Angela Davis reminded a crowd that “community is the answer.”

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  1. cake lamb
  2. Pepito, Abysmal Goat

      what i could really use is a way to remove dead skin on my face

  3. cake lamb

      me too. the advertising truly knows what’s best for us.

  4. deadgod

      Charlemagne was a devilish rogue on Coronation Day—but you won’t believe how he’s aged!

  5. deadgod

      Queen Elizabeth’s water-closet photos the palace doesn’t want you to see!

  6. deadgod

      Sheboygan residents: a simple trick to replace your hip that your doctor doesn’t want you to know!

  7. cake lamb

      man, i really want to read that one.

  8. deadgod

      idk, it’d probably be QEII ‘shopped incongruously among a bunch of gilded porcelain (??)—with your computer invaded by half a dozen advertisements that would require you to turn the thing off a couple of times to get rid of. (Hi, Fort Meade!)

      —I admit, I’m speaking from five or six personal experiences, ha. They got me twice on those ‘children celebs are ashamed of’ slide shows, ha ha ha.