November 14th, 2010 / 1:21 pm

Margaret Atwood: Twitter Champion

Margaret Atwood, Twittering into the Dystopian Future

Margaret Atwood was born in 1939. This Thursday she will be 71 years old. Since 2000, she has published 13 books in five genres (novels, short fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and children’s books.) She is writing the libretto for a chamber opera to be produced by City Opera of Vancouver. Her middle name is Eleanor. She has 100,122 Twitter followers. Some of them compose Tweets and send them to her. She responds daily to many of these Tweets, even the mean ones. Here are a few representative Tweets Atwood has recently Tweeted:

@anthonyslatcher: handmaids tale sucks & I’m gonna fail alevel exam because of it, thanks..not!! M:Aww.I flunked algebra. I didn’t study.

@Gaiaellyn: I hope that you are able to eat crunchy foods again… M. sez: Not yet :( But learning to appreciate wet noodles.

@keeleyoconnor: hi :) we are in english class in HONDURAS discussing your poems! We have some questions? M: Short questions? :)

But have I ever mentioned Bat Segundo? Mentioning

paulcgallagher: Hi, planning to continue story of Oryx & Crake/Year of the Flood? Wondering what might happen next… M: Tis the plan! :)

I have some IKKS men’s reading glasses left at #giller table 16: I took them into protective custody for their own safety. Let me know…

@Bexxaloon: so how close do you think we are to Handmaid’s Tale becoming real life? #ofGlenn M: Too close, but with different outfits..

@EvenCool: My daughter’s very own creation:… M: Very soothing for this painkiller’d old biddy…Tx!

And off to @GillerPrize tonite if not too tottery, hoping to minimize chipmunk look; will mush up the salmon & stay off the drinks… >:-(

Goodbye 2 infected-root tooth, to CRACK! CRUNCH! the strains of Blue Danube Waltz on Magic Dentist E. Weinstein’s earphones. :( Bye, tooth..

@brfortunate:.. I don’t want to copyright infringe, any advice? M. sez: no copyright infringement. Disease a human constant. Forge ahead!

Luba Goy (Airfarce) at Vic’s Bob Review opening nite, playing MOI!18th, 19th, 20th, 8 PM Bader Theatre – Eek -How to make worried face? <:-!

My Kindle + sample is the best sales tool ever. Hooked on the sample of The Year of the Flood by @MargaretAtwood – can now instant buy!

@TimJY— ur costumes for @DrSnit and @kidney_boy are hilarious and brilliant. LOVE. ( M: Tx! Pleased you liked them!

@kidney_boy @DrSnit: Hello famous superheroes-back from London & re-united with coloured pencils, & Kidney Boy shall soon be purple & red..

@MarkLeslie:Finished Year of the Flood..Is it wrong that I’m hankering for a SecretBurger & Happicuppa..? M: GGs understand, & forgive you..

More Margaret Atwood Tweets here:!/MargaretAtwood


  1. davidabrams

      Quite possibly the cheeriest thing I’ve read all morning–a writer of her caliber not only Tweeting regularly, but interacting with readers (fans and otherwise–*cough* anthonyslatcher *cough*). I know Neil Gaiman does this and probably several others, but it’s still cool to see. Clicking to follow Miz Atwood now!

  2. NLY

      Her writing always struck me as rather middling, but with admirable sentiments.
      It’s good to see she’s as beneficent a person as I took her for.

  3. Dawn.

      I love that she takes the time to respond to everyone.

  4. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      I’ve never been that infatuated w/ her writing, either, but she is hilarious. I love this.