June 17th, 2011 / 2:19 pm

Mark Rylance & Louis Jenkins on Writing



  1. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Seriously what is this Viagra stuff down there

  2. Ryan Call

      can u take a screen shot and email it to me please? i cant see them

      ryan at htmlgiant dot com

  3. Ben Roylance

      Didn’t watch this but whoa Rylance what a name. Feel like it’s missing something…

  4. Janey Smith

      This guy is obviously not another brick in the wall.

  5. postitbreakup

      That’s fucking awesome, doing a poem as an acceptance speech.  I hope more people start doing that, way better than “I’d like to thank my agent, my publicist, my agent’s publicist…”

  6. lorian long

      that ruled. my brother saw jerusalem last wknd and said the guy is batshit good. 

  7. Mike Young

      yeah, seeing this led me to digging around about Jerusalem, and i REALLY want to see it; alas it seems expensive =(

  8. Aloy

      cool, but why wouldn’t it make you dig around Lou Jenkins?

  9. Mike Young

      oh it did that too; very wry