August 23rd, 2012 / 3:06 pm

Popper in bed

This kid has a project going called the Popper Project, where he plays one Popper etude per week for forty weeks. He plays it wherever he and his cello and laptop are. It’s pretty cool.

And then there’s this.

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  1. Adam Robinson

      Oh like Pop-her, nice.

  2. Stephen Tully Dierks
  3. lily hoang


  4. lily hoang

      i liked this interview.

  5. bartleby_taco

      does anyone else notice the strange similariies between the names of the guys in this story and the names of the guys in the band the pains of being pure at heart or am i stating the obvious or is this a coincidence hmm hmm hmm why am i such a gossip queen lol

  6. lily hoang

      only gossip if it’s (a) right; or (b) salacious.

  7. Trey

      I mostly missed the marie calloway shitstorm when it was fashionable to participate in a marie calloway shitstorm, so I have a question or two:

      is this fiction? I’m not asking about the truth of the situation necessarily, and I’m not asking like sarcastically (e.g. “you call THIS fiction?”), I guess I’m just wondering if you or other people think about this in the context of fiction even though the events in it could be true and are sort of written in a way that might be to make the reader wonder if they are true?

      I think she has important things to say about like, the “politics of sex” or something, don’t know how to say what I’m thinking of, but maybe you know what I mean. anyway, do you think that fiction(?) like this is the way to say what she has to say, or do you think it would be better or different for marie calloway to just write like an article that just says “I had sex with two guys recently and here are some things I thought/realized.” I mean I’m not trying to put words in her mouth or anything, and if this is what she wants to do then who am I to say she should do things differently, mostly I guess I’m wondering if some of the smart people on this site think that this is effective (again, not that I think it’s *not* effective) and if so maybe they could say why?

      do you think that her writing is mostly just about “saying what she has to say” or do you also find it artful? not that I’m implying that she isn’t artful, just wondering what other people think.

      I know it probably seems like I’m being overly tentative with my wording and stuff but I’m trying to be sincere and maybe get a little smarter than I was this morning without starting some sort of crazy fight.

  8. lily hoang

      I was compelled to read the whole story, and that’s rare, especially on the Internet. So, there’s that. I don’t know how to answer your questions though. Would I call it fiction? Yes. Would I call it “literary fiction”? Probably not. Idk, maybe. Ok, probably not. But it was very enjoyable.

      I think what MC does very well is expose shame with real effrontery. As someone whose only motivation is to not be shamed, MC’s story was powerful.

  9. Trey

      cool, thanks for answering, lily.

  10. Scott Carver

      Uh, kid? He’s like 30, and the principle cellist for the seattle symphony. But, i mean, the popper thing is cool tho.

  11. postitbreakup

      i thought the story was hot & sinister at the same time

      marie calloway seems like laura palmer in Fire Walk With Me

  12. lily hoang

      oops. he looks young. then again, so do i, i guess. people are always calling me kid. doesn’t mean i should do it too. you called me out, and you’re right.

  13. lily hoang

      This wasn’t meant as a diss, Bartleby_Taco. Your gossip was def salacious.

  14. bartleby_taco

      hehe thanks lily :)

  15. Scott Carver

      No, it’s more fun if he’s a kid, anyway. Artists should always aspire to look younger than they are so it’s, like, more surprising. Except in the arts where you’re supposed to be young – then, probably, clint eastwood that shit.

  16. Matt_Margo

      Marie did in fact choose to name the male characters after members of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (she said so on Facebook).

  17. deadgod

      And it was tainted by the worry that afterwards they would think less of me. [… T]hey could transcribe shame onto my body with their own.

      Is this exposition of “shame”, or about “shame”?

  18. fangbin818