July 10th, 2011 / 10:23 am

Resources: Modernism

The Modernist Journals Project

Magazine Modernisms

The Virtual Newsstand: 1925

Modernist Magazines Project

The Modernism Lab


  1. Eric

      Just when I thought I was going to go outside.
      Many thanks, Mr. Higgs.

  2. stephen tully dierks

      i’ve looked at BLAST some before. i’m interested in it. thanks, Chris.

  3. DeWitt Brinson

      In the Modernist Magazines Project, there’s an author listing for “A Five-Year-Old Boy.”

      Author Details Name: A Five-Year-Old BoyVariant:

      Magazine ArticlesNo magazine articles for this author

      No images currently available for A Five-Year-Old Boy

  4. Mark Doten

      thanks, man, these are great links. reading BLAST now.

      “WE NEED THE UNCONSCIOUSNESS OF HUMANITY–their stupidity, animalism and dreams!” (i added that exclamation point. felt right.)

  5. SWEN

      BLAST was in our influence for the cover (& some content) of Poor Claudia 4. 

  6. Ferbie


  7. here & now › Blast from the past

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