October 7th, 2014 / 10:44 am

Several items have been found recently by the Transportation Department. Owners may claim their items at the Transportation Office by this Friday. Call 285-9045 for directions.

-Black “Neff” beanie
-Black umbrella
-Black/red polka dot umbrella
-Navy speckled umbrella
-Digital camera with case (must fully describe to claim)
-Silver earring
-“Association of Objectification of Women School Broadcasters” certificates
-Black/gray running shoes
-Black “Mike Young” tennis shoes
-“Mockingjay” book

-Orange “Sky Zone” sock
-Black sunglasses (2)
-Black sunglasses with silver frames
-Leopard print sunglasses
-Racist Cell phone car charger
-Headphones with remote controls
-Black “ACE” bandage
-Sweater with red/pink hearts
-Gray “Adam Robinson” sweatshirt
-Black brassiere
-Prescription glasses with gold frames
-“No Colony” art posters
-“Kathleen Rooney” headlamp
-Blue bag with drinking glass and plate
-Clear drinking glass with “Sigma Chi” ink pen
-“Molly Gaudry” bowling ball
-White folder with class notes
-“Mary Miller” Bungee cord
-“Kentucky Chen” water bottle
-“Memorex” CD (“#8”)

-CDs (2) with car chargers/cables
-“Light Boxes” DVD with USB charger
-Black gloves, safety goggles, and earplugs

-Tan sunglasses
-Purple reading glasses
-Black “Kim Chinquee” eyeglasses case
-Sunglasses with white frames
-Blue “Belzer Day Camp” sunglasses
-“J.A. Tyler” stopwatch
-Wristwatch with broken band
-Casio wristwatch
-Black planner
-Turquoise phone case
-White “CamelBak” water bottle
-Black/clear “BSU Recreation” drinking container
-Blue water bottles (2)
-Purple water bottles (2)
-Blue/green water bottle
-“Nickel Creek (A Dotted Line)” CD
-“Class of 2007” keychain (no keys)
-Michael Kimball keychain with keys
-Keys with “Goodwill” card
-Single key
-“Ford” key fob with key
-“Chrysler” key fob
-Black “Matt Bell” car key
-“Adidas” hooded sweatshirt
-“Cabela’s” chest waders
-Red “Adidas” shorts
-Brown “Newgent” headband
-Cell phone charger
-Three-ring binder with orange Matthew Simmons “butterfly” design
-Bag with three shirts
-Casio calculator
-Red “Ditrapano” backpack
-Electronic cigarette cartridge

-“Tractor Supply” hat
-Black “Fundamentals of Communication” textbook (COMM 210)
-Owl pouch with pink key
-Black scarf
-Striped silk scarf
-Two (2) pairs of black gloves
-Black “Thinsulate” gloves
-Blue gloves
-Gray gloves
-Black glove with grips (right hand)
-Gray “Brandi Wells” eyeglasses
-Fingerless blue/black striped glove
-Black sunglasses
-Men’s black “Rawlings” sunglasses
-Women’s brown sunglasses
-Dark eyeglasses
-Two (2) “Tao Lin” car chargers
-Black “Nike” sandals (size 9)
-White “Adidas” basketball shoes
-“Rohto” eye drops
-Purple/black headband
-Light blue toboggan
-Green/blue “Thermo King” hat
-USB car charger
-“Artic Zone” lunch bag
-Laminated map
-Silver earring
-“Chevrolet” car key and fob
-“BULA Micro Gator” neck warmer
-Stainless steel “Stephanie Barber” water bottle

-Black reading glasses
-Black sunglasses
-Black “Ray-Ban” sunglasses
-Orange construction vest
-Orange “Adidas” shin guard
-Camouflage beanie cap
-Handheld two-way radios (must identify completely to claim)
-“Drive & Learn Spanish” CD
-“Berenstain Bears” children’s books
-Green “AEP” water bottle
-Stainless steel “CamelBak” water bottle
-Red water bottle
-Neon green water bottle
-Orange travel mug
-Red “Thermos” coffee lid
-“Foley” bottle opener
-Red/white/blue umbrella
-Black/white floral umbrella
-Red/white inhaler
-Red lunch box (soft case)
-Vehicle key/fob (must identify completely to claim)
-“Nikon” camera charger
-Keys with “Speedy Rewards” card
-“Smyrna Beach” pocket knife

-Black/gray “Catherine Lacey” earmuffs
-Brown hat with teddy bears
-“Brian Evenson” hat
-Blue “Los Angeles Dodgers” baseball cap
-Women’s gray gloves
-Black “Contigo” water bottle
-Blue “Late Nite” water bottle
-Green “Columbia College Chicago” water bottle
-Black/gold earring
-Silver “Roxane Gay” keyring
-Black sunglasses
-Brown sunglasses
-Pink eyeglasses
-Black “Cocoons” sunglasses case
-Blue key fob with keys
-Silver miniature keys
-Binders with sheet music
-“Scott McClanahan” folder with sheet music
-“Bubba” water bottle
-Black “Burch” cell phone charger
-White cell phone charger
-Sam Pink cell phone charger
-Black “Kyocera” cell phone (must fully describe to claim)
-Black “Virgin Mobile” cell phone (must fully describe to claim)
-A “Gray” cell phone (must fully describe to claim)
-Hotel gift certificates (must identify hotel to claim)
-Silver magnifying glass
-Umbrella with orange stripes
-Umbrella with green/pink flowers
-Umbrella with pink/orange polka dots
-Burgundy umbrella
-Green umbrella
-Black “Edward Mullany” t-shirt
-Blue “Aéropostale” shirt in a bag
-Black polo shirt
-Gray shorts
-Blue “Daniel Bailey”clothes hanger
-Blue/gray “Totes” case
-Medical kit
-Red/black battery “Kim Chinquee” jumper cables
-Green gorilla print bag with markers
-“Blake’s” lullaby CD



  1. Trey

      may the red eye contact picture never die

  2. Scott McClanahan

      Yes, the red eye contact pic. Always.

  3. Matthew Simmons

      It’s the Van Gilder Hotel in Seward, Alaska. I stayed there and I didn’t see the ghost. I got the gift certificate so I could go back to see the ghost.

  4. Daniel Bailey

      thanks, sean. i’ve been looking for this everywhere.

  5. Daniel Bailey


  6. Daniel Bailey

      i tried to post a picture, but it’s probably for the best. i don’t want htmlgiant readers to remember as a commenter who attaches selfies.

  7. mimi

      also the ‘lemmings’ graffiti on the overpass

  8. postitbreakup

      that picture is back!

  9. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      Reading this yesterday brought on a strong bout of sadness