October 5th, 2010 / 9:21 pm

The next time you’re in Brooklyn…

Hey people who don’t live in New York.*  Yeah, that’s right, you people. There is something happening in Brooklyn that I want you to be a part of. This week I started a business called 3B. It’s a bed and breakfast that I have been renovating with 7 others this summer and now we’re officially  o  p  e  n  .  .  .   .  Amy McDaniel and Alban Fischer both booked weekends for this month and Adam Robinson is threatening to show up with his band. I am excited about all of these people because talking in real life is awesome. FYI: All rooms will be goddamncheap til November 15, when we open our lounge and kitchen. After November 15, I will be giving all Giant-readers a deal, especially if you’re a writer on tour or coming here for writing-related stuff. Even without a discount we are ridiculously cheaper than anywhere else in Brooklyn that isn’t shady and dank and inconvenient. (And our place is really nice and we bring you breakfast and coffee in the morning.)
Also, by staying here you’ll be directly supporting the stories, music, poems, essays, buildings, etc that my roommates and I make. Everyone wins. (And if you’re considering a move to Brooklyn (and who isn’t?) we have good monthly and weekly rates if you need a place to land before finding an apartment.)

*People who live in New York: send us those out-of-towners who keep showing up on your couch!


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  2. Guest

      Good luck!

  3. Trey

      this seems really cool. can I ask, has this been like an aspiration of yours, to open a b&b? I would be happy if you were realizing a dream.

  4. letters journal

      Vegan breakfast? (Sorry, had to ask.)

  5. Catherine Lacey

      When we’ re cooking in-house there will be, but at first, maybe not. We are, however, a vegetarian house, and every first and third Sunday there is a bit free vegan meal at our house and all 3B guests are welcome to come.

      Update: Multiple vegan breakfast options.

  6. Catherine Lacey

      Not really a dream. There is a long story about how this happened, but too long to get into here.

  7. mjm

      this is pretty fucking cool. congrats

  8. Tim

      Still, pretty sweet! Last night I dreamt I went to Brooklyn–was it a sign? Probably. Anyway best of luck.

  9. jesusangelgarcia

      I love this idea. I may have to take you up on it for the summer tour. I’ll be in touch. Good luck w/ the venture.

  10. Michael

      What a great idea. I’ll certainly tell friends and fellow poets who are visiting the five boroughs about it.

  11. adam moo

      what neighborhood?

  12. Ink tastes bitter

      Beautiful photo. Has a nice symmetry.

  13. Catherine Lacey
  14. Marcolop

      I have friends (a filmmaker, another writer, a glass artist; others too but they’re not relevant here) and we’ve been talking jokingly about doing exactly this: opening a b&b as income so we can work essentially from home and do arty stuff. I hope it works out for you. If it does I will maybe get more serious about it.

      How are you scheduling the workload, if I may ask?

  15. Catherine Lacey

      Oh man oh man… I’ll do a whole new post about the business side of this. I am a big believer that all artists with a decent business idea/opportunity should seriously consider starting their own business. Beats the shit out of working someone else’s hours.

  16. Marcolop

      I’m excited for that post. I say awesome for you for taking the initiative, and the next time I decide to go cross-country, I’ll be looking for your place. Good luck.

  17. Mike Young

      i can vouch for catherine & company’s hospitality, even in the face of manhole explosion and certain death

  18. Kristen Iskandrian

      congrats and good luck, catherine. this seems right cool.