January 11th, 2011 / 2:35 pm
Random & Roundup

the taking and passing along 11

11. For all you punk-asses that need writing prompts, there is a weird little flash contest coming up over at Flash Fiction Chronicles.

5. Oh, flash fiction is:

“…a place for writers to talk ABOUT fiction, and its feats in that weird mysterious way that fiction talks beyond the story on the page.”

Deb Olin Unferth

Take that, you flash-bastards. You’re the same people that don’t like olives, microchips, inward blushes, hall mirrors, and other small things.

1. Rock and Roll is finally dead.


7. Back when a professor visited my MFA university and taught one class, a class about HER. She made us buy and read all of HER books. WTF? I thought divas were for music and acting. Memo to writers: No one gives a damn. Well…Nother time a reader visited and insisted we bring her ribs. She was all, “I’m in Alabama, you WILL feed me ribs.” A graduate student had to drive his turd-colored Ford Escort all night. There’s no rib place open way late in sleep-ass little Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Ends up they gave her Chili’s ribs, not ribs at all, unless you enjoy pale under-belly of cardboard. Diva behavior from writers? From writers! Do tell:


  1. Dreezer

      She deserved those Chili’s ribs!

  2. Dreezer

      She deserved those Chili’s ribs!

  3. Gaydegani

      Flash Fiction Chronicles 1st HTML GIANT shout-out! Thanks Sean! Hip to be weird.