June 7th, 2011 / 9:18 am

Well that’s interesting: Poets Athletic Club

I will send Chris Toll's book to the first commenter to name this player.

What’s in a name? From the outside, the Poet’s Athletic Club on North Avenue in Baltimore looks like it might be a bar. I’ve never been inside it. One time me and Steph called to see what the deal was. Apparently it’s a philanthropy club for people who went to Poets High School. There isn’t poetry happening, but I’m thinking there might be shuffleboard. There is a positive but racist review of it at Yelp.

After a lot of social searching, the softball team I’m playing on this year decided to co-opt the name for our team. We feature writer bodies, so Poets Athletic Club works well. We also considered “Ballers,” “Aristotle’s Poetics,” “Phat Pitches,” and “Nuts and Berries.”

Other teams in the league are, “We’d Hit That,” “Butt Sweat and Tears,” “Multiple Scoregasms” and “Smack that Pitch Up.” Names that are funny but aren’t vile include “Jean-Claude Grand Slam” and — no, that’s the only one. There are two teams named “Saved by the Balls” and two named “Don’t Come on Our Bases” and three named “Master Batters.” There is only one “Top of the 6th Bottom of the 9th.” There are over 200 teams in the league. I’ll let you know how we do.

Go! Team. Bring on the Major Leagues. Boring Triple Play (for Sasha Fletcher). Best baseball catches of the world. Braves go 13-0 in 82. The Brothers K. She’s 9. Ambidextrous pitcher has 6-fingered glove. Mike Schmidt retires crying. Cap’n Jazz. This stupid thing. This amazing thing. Spaceman Bill Lee. Tinker to Evers to Chance. Merkle’s Boner. OK, the bird one. Prince and Cecil. All the Stars Came Out That Night. The poop one. Steve Bartman (fuckn Cubs fans). Mays. Jones. Softball.

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  1. Christopher Higgs

      Mario Mendoza.

  2. Jason

      Mario Mendoza.

  3. georgegissing1313

      Dick Pole

  4. deadgod

      Is that Mark David Chapman during the Estrogen Years??

  5. Adam Robinson

      Nice job Chris — you won it so fast.

  6. Adam Robinson

      You can win too, send me your address at adam at publishinggenius.com

  7. Adam Robinson

      Good job Chris I have your address still unless you moved recently.

  8. Christopher Higgs

      Awesome.  Thanks, Adam. 

      I woke up and drank water and sat down and looked here and felt like a winner.

      Yes, I’m at the same Tallahassee address.

  9. c2k


  10. Jason

      Thank you, Adam. I’ll send you my address right away. 

  11. scott irvine

      I saw “Cap’n Jazz” as I was scrolling the front page and got really excited. 

  12. Anonymous


  13. Matthew Simmons
  14. Matthew Simmons
  15. Adam

      I know I’m late, but I’m going to go ahead and say Paul Molitor after his first dugout bukake.  Am I close?

  16. Trey

      I was going to guess Rick Moranis.

  17. charm city

      Dunbar High School’s sports nickname: the Poets. The public magnet school in Baltimore  named for poet Paul Laurence Dunbar is known for attracting NBA-caliber basketball talent from all over the city (it was supposed to attract writers). Five-foot-three Muggsy Bogues, as well as Reggie Williams and Reggie Lewis played on the same high school team. Sam Cassell also played for Dunbar.

  18. mark baumer

      did you actually know that or look at the image source?

  19. Adam Robinson

      Damn, I should have changed the file name. 

  20. aaron b

      i <3 that M's cap.

  21. Anonymous


  22. Ben Jahn

      Does George Brett say “double-tapered” at the end of that? Can we get a Brett on writing?

  23. Anonymous


  24. Ross McMeekin

      The Mendoza Line = .215 batting average