October 22nd, 2010 / 1:35 pm

What Reconciles Me to My Own Death (John Berger)

“What reconciles me to my own death more than anything else is the image of a place: a place where your bones and mine are buried, thrown, uncovered, together. They are strewn there pell-mell. One of your ribs leans against my skull. A metacarpal of my left hand lies inside your pelvis. (Against my broken ribs your breast like a flower.) The hundred bones of our feet are scattered like gravel. It is strange that this image of our proximity, concerning as it does mere phosphate of calcium, should bestow a sense of peace. Yet it does. With you I can imagine a place where to be phosphate of calcium is enough.” – John Berger

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  1. Guest

      Beautiful. Where is that from?

  2. Kyle Minor

      I found it in his Selected Essays.

  3. jesusangelgarcia

      I just read that to my homegrrrl, adding in kitty litter beside the feet bones. I swear, it almost made me cry.

  4. Paige Thomas

      This is incredible. Now I must read “G” again.

  5. jesusangelgarcia

      Oh, G. That was one of those key books for me — like The Journal of Albion Moonlight and Invisible Cities — that changed everything.

  6. Dawn.

      Fucking gorgeous.

  7. Pete Michael Smith

      Berger makes me swoon, so often.

  8. Cauvin Sonia

      Ces reflexions donnent un sens a nos vies donc a nos morts.

      vous ai rencontre sur le bateau newhaven dieppe en 69..

      une si bonne influence


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