April 28th, 2010 / 6:14 pm

Wink Wink Contest

Been following Hint Fiction?

The contest?

If you read HTML, yes. (Thanks, Roxane)

I glow flash, write/teach/advocate for flash. But I’m wondering. When do we do this big, when do we go all the way, I mean fucking Double Down KFC big?

I want  a contest where every submission is a blank page. Everything off the page.

Who will write the next silent symphony, the 4:33? The Godot of flash?

Who is up for a blank page flash contest?

Oh that’s just silly (or smart?). Let’s go 3, 3–a holy number, words. Give me 3 words. I’ll begin.

Dolphin Nachos, Bono?

(The award is a good book [my choice–it will rock ass], hot sauce [It will kill your spleen and brain. It will be hot like donuts or making out in the bathroom at that Halloween party] and a brand new deck of kick-ass cards [literary theme])

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  1. Nathan Tyree

      and so on

  2. Nathan Tyree

      stop the bleeding

  3. jd

      catch fire bitch

  4. ASC

      crucified tamales rock

  5. Tim Horvath

      Txts maid public.

  6. anon

      hello kitty menopause

  7. anon

      care bear creole

  8. anon

      my little potbelly

  9. anon

      kabuki dick dance

  10. anon

      star in turmoil

  11. anon

      a delinquent mind

  12. anon

      rub my gunt

  13. Matthew Simmons

      Why’d I try?

  14. Matthew Simmons

      Things done changed.

      (Stole that from B.I.G.)

  15. Matthew Simmons

      That will do.

  16. anon

      a mother suicides.

  17. David Grossman

      Die death rebirth.

  18. anon

      apple nipple monkey

  19. anon

      dollar store troubadour

  20. anon

      she doesn’t swallow

  21. anon

      neither will he.

  22. anon

      adolf oliver tits

  23. anon

      cunnilingus, the mighty!

  24. anon

      oprah tucks hers.

  25. ASC

      crucified tamales rock

  26. Tim Horvath

      Txts maid public.

  27. David Grossman

      Die death rebirth.

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  29. Sean


  30. Sean