A Review of Jurassic Park

Jurassic_Park_posterJurassic Park
Directed by Steven Spielberg









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Jurassic Park Movie Review

Jurassic Park

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  1. Mark Cugini

      whoa, this is so good.

  2. Mark Cugini

      what i really like is when the teacher suggests you “& slate rearaor + them epanofils”

  3. lorian long


  4. gdurham

      Sometimes I try to activate the part of my child brain that understood dinosaurs are awesome.

  5. Michael J Seidlinger

      I love it.

  6. mimi

      that guest up-vote was actually from me before i was logged -in to disqus but i wanted you to know that i (mimi) gave your comment an up-vote so yeah i think your comment deserves an up-vote (mine) and maybe even more from others
      but don’t go thinking your comment is that good it’s just pretty good, well, i liked it, yeah
      enough to give it a guest up-vote accidentally and then a personalized up-vote, and, yeah, i liked your comment
      i liked your transcription of the margin teacher-comment

  7. Mark Cugini

      hey, thanks for celebrating my moderately-above-average-ness.

  8. mimi

      my pleasure

      : )