January 5th, 2011 / 11:17 pm

A List of Things (pt. 1)

1. There is a new issue of Bookslut.  In it there is a a really great interview of Kendra Grant Malone by Noah Cicero.  Also, some stupid idiot interviewed Michael Earl Craig (again).  It’s ok though because Michael Earl Craig is good.

2. I don’t know if people know this, but the NYU creative writing program archives all of its events in podcast form.  I listen to this a lot.  I’ve listened to that Matthew Zapruder one probably 5 times.  There also is an Agriculture Reader reading from the fall of 2009 that I’ve listened to several times.

3. My friend Harriet runs this really nice (print+online) journal called “Her Royal Majesty.”  They are now accepting submissions for the next issue.

4. Mike’s (Young’s) book of short stories is now available. Short stories are usually a little bit longer than poems are.

5. I went to this Publishing Genius book tour thing two nights ago in Chicago.  It was fun as hell.  If you’re in Minneapolis you can go too.  (Hurry.)

6. There is a MuuMuu House DVD available.  It’s a DVD of a MuuMuu House reading in Ohio (and other things) — featuring Tan Lin, Susan Boyle, Michael Jordan, Marcus Cicero, and Mallory Whitten.

7. After the jump is a semi-NSFW youtube vid.  It’s more weird than anything.  If you can make it past the first 10 seconds it’s pretty rewarding.


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  1. M. Kitchell

      that is a good video

  2. Jordan

      lol, sweet

  3. stephen


  4. deadgod

      That Bookslut has a review, by Elizabeth Bachner, of a book of correspondence between Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan – a book of coredespondence. I believe that it’s not possible that this book will occasion a less-than-exceptional reading experience.

      I write because the review has a major error of fact: the poem Celan wrote about the abortive “conversation” he had with Heidegger is not called ‘Tuebingen, Jaenner’. That poem is about Hoelderlin (and other things), and is explicated succinctly and subtly here: http://mhroque.blogspot.com/2010/12/labyrinth-celans-poem-tubingen-janner-1.html .

      The Celan poem about his “conversation” with Heidegger is called ‘Todtnauberg’.

      (I say ‘a poem “about”‘ using “about” in the sense of around, peri (Gr.).)

  5. deadgod

      “explicated” is one of the wrong words. ‘presented’, in its place, would have been less wrong.

  6. Anonymous

      Your next post should be one of those hilarious comparisons between Obama and a witchdoctor with a bone in his nose. Yay, white guy!

  7. Rtdrr


  8. Clark Knowles

      The nearly naked eagles groove to a killer tune.

  9. Moorada

      Tan Lin

  10. Anonymous


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  12. Anonymous

      yeah i really like that song

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