August 8th, 2011 / 12:06 am

Late Night Links

Flip Zembowicz has created an interactive character map for A Visit From The Goon Squad. I happened to read this book today so it was fun to stumble across this (via Sarah Malone).

Speaking of Jennifer Egan, she recommends sixty books that have been critical to her in some way.

If you were ever curious about what literary characters throughout history might wear today, there’s a site for that.

The list of panels accepted for AWP has been released.

Tom Lutz’s essay, Future Tense, at the Los Angeles Review of Books, is well worth the read.

Kathy Fish’s Wild Life is available for pre-order by Matter Press.

In the August issue of Bookslut, Elizabeth Buchner writes about reading humiliation.

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  1. Tom

      Thanks for reading, Los Angeles Review of Books

  2. Roxane

      Thanks for having a Review of Books. I am loving the site and especially enjoyed Diana Wagman’s (I think) review of Tiger Tiger.

  3. bobby

      Thanks for sharing the Egan reading list. I’ve always enjoyed other people’s reading lists. 

  4. bobby

      The LARB piece is great too. This part freaked me out:

      ” . . .  that twenty-year gap between her and recent college graduates will not be filled — a missing generation of journalists — since one does not imagine the Times or any other newspaper going on a hiring spree in the foreseeable future.”

      Brutal and necessary. 

  5. Don

      Egan’s book lists are awesome.  Debord and Proust, fuck yeah.

  6. Leapsloth14

      Thanks for the Elizabeth Buchner link. Now I just bought MORE books. Ass.