January 10th, 2014 / 1:49 pm

u mad bruh?

ppl seem mad

i am so not mad

like, at all

like, this is the most fun the lit scene has had in minutes

i mean, have you ever been to a poetry reading?

long live mellow pages!

who do you want to see step in to fill the gap and sponsor mellow pages?

here are my top choices:

1. Hot Topic #teen #mellowgoth
2. Haliburton
3. Red Lobster
5. ‘Bojangles Famous Chicken n Biscuits’
6. Sephora
7. Anshan Heavy Duty Mining Machinery Co Ltd
8. Fuddruckers


  1. Daniel Bailey

      obviously, the mello-yello pages book zone would be a hit with the teenz. and then, additionally, if people started donating old phonebooks for membership then it could be the mello-yellopages book zone.

      but i think it’s fine to accept money from whoever. just not your parents because then that means you’re a loser. i live in my grandma’s basement.

  2. Quincy Rhoads

      Do they even drink Cheerwine in NYC?

  3. Bobby Dixon

      doubt they even know what cheerwine is

  4. Melissa Broder

      i live in california but idk what that is

  5. Gene Morgan

      I was kickstarting this site with oil money years ago. Shit ain’t new.

  6. deadgod

      Read a lieberry by its sponsor?

      I’d bet on Mellow Standard Oil Pages Library having a lot of cool books.

      performance vs prank

      winner: rube-magnet Brooklyn

      my top choices:

      1. al-Qaeda
      2. MacArthur Foundation genius
      3. Infrastructure Fairy
      4. souvenir shop at NSA headquarters
      5. NFL bobble-head concession

  7. MellowPagesLibrary

      we aren’t closing, though. is everyone playing a ‘hoax’ on us?

  8. MellowPagesLibrary

      also Melissa, this is brilliant and makes us happy

  9. Bobby Dixon

      just a tasty soda

  10. Melissa Broder

      that so mellow pages #thelegend

  11. Quincy Rhoads

      It kinda tastes like Coke mixed with Maraschino cherry juice. It’s super sweet and it tastes way better than it should.

  12. Matthew Simmons

      kickstarter to send melissa broder a cheerwine


      indiegogo to send melissa broder a cheerwine

  13. Jeremy Hopkins

      They could sell fresh roasted peanuts in bags decorated with broken stanzas of timeless poetry. Or just the bags so you can get your fresh roasted peanuts form the guy further down the block but get them in a reusable, literary bag.

  14. Jeremy Hopkins

      It’s “from,” jerkface.

  15. Richard Grayson

      But, Gene, your olive oil “business” was just a front named after your childhood friend and consiglieri.

  16. Timmy Reed

      Has nobody suggested Jell-o Pages yet? Really? Is it too obvious? Then I think they should just go for tobacco money. Mellow Pages Library by Newport.

  17. shaun gannon

      obv Halliburton Teen

  18. reynard seifert

      they have it at ike’s

  19. Tim Jones-Yelvington


  20. Give & Take: A Conversation with Exxon Mobile/Mellow Pages | HTMLGIANT

      […] When news broke about the Mellow Pages “hoax,” I wasn’t laughing. Actually, I was downright pissed. After a few days, though, I realized that my anger didn’t lie with Matt and Jason—or Mellow Pages or Exxon Mobile or Kanye West—but with myself. I reacted in a very solipsistic way: I had contributed to their Indiegogo campaign; I am a member of the library; I’ve donated (and will continue to donate) a copy of a Big Lucks book to the library; I’ve recommended that people check out the library and contribute to their campaign and visit the space and get to know those cool bros. I wanted them to stay open. But why hadn’t I done more? Do I even have a stake in Mellow Pages? Would things have changed if I suggested something besides “take the (fake) money and run?” And why does my opinion matter in the first place? […]