January 5th, 2012 / 3:52 pm

Q: How much distance is there between David Foster Wallace–the narrator–and yourself?

DFW: I don’t understand the question?

Full interview from 1998 at Slate


  1. Gian


  2. lorian long

      welp, there goes the rest of my work day

  3. Leapsloth14

      This interview reads like a send up of an interview. Anyone else thought it was almost its own satirical form? Anyway, I logged on here to write the word, Golly. Gian beat me to the spiked punch.

  4. Bobby Dixon

      This is a bit of a tickle for me.

  5. Gus Guest

      He seems like a dick in the beginning. That’s all I read.

  6. Trey


  7. tao lin

      ‘And so me and the PR guy went out and ate like threepieces of cake each and apologized to each other for three hours.’

  8. deadgod

      I think the answer to the question snipped here, which rephrasing relies on something Wallace had said, is revealing:

      Q.  How crafted is that persona?  Because it has the appearance of course of, like, nakedness, and an actual opening up of the thought process.  But at the same[ ]time, you said, like with the David Lynch thing, you felt it sort of turning[ ]into shtick.

      “Shtick” is a word that Wallace had used in referring to himself writing non-fiction:

      [T]here was kind of a shtick emerging.  And the shtick was somewhat neurotic, hyperconscious guy, like, showing you how weird this think is that not[ ]everybody thinks is weird.

      It shouldn’t be troubling that there is a “shtick”, a “persona”–that’s inescapable in being a ‘person’ at all and is only intensified in the cases of performer and, perhaps more so, of celebrity.  What might be intriguing even to a Wallace agnostic is that this “persona”, “DFW”, doesn’t mutate upon being outed – upon being referred to explicitly – but rather folds ‘beting stripped “naked”‘ into its performance — into its clothesure.

  9. postitbreakup

      I only understand what you’re saying maybe 1 out of 10 times, but when I do, I’m always rewarded!

  10. The Ghost of Richard James

      It figures some of you would identify with the guy interviewing David Foster Wallace. What a bunch of queers. That man talked mean to me! That man said I asked stupid questions! That man is very disrespectful! I don’t like that! No one is allowed to talk to me like that! My name is Johhny Fauntleroy! I’m the King of France! My question is: what are you wearing right now? Pinafores?      

  11. JW

      Is someone paying you to be a petulant child, or did you just volunteer?

  12. Truth Teller

      It figures that you would be one of the millions sucking DFW’s cock as if he could do no wrong.