June 11th, 2012 / 1:56 pm

What are your most highly anticipated books/movies/albums/etc forthcoming in 2012?


  1. Tyler Crumrine

      Martin McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths is set to come out later this year. If his last movie, In Bruges, was any indication it should be pretty fantastic. I just hope he hasn’t switch to film for good this time.  He’s one of the few people still doing new, interesting things in theatre.

  2. Heather Christle

      All I want for Christmas is Joseph Ceravolo’s Collected Poems

  3. Anonymous

      I have a copy of the script if you want to read it.

  4. Tyler Crumrine

      That would be fantastic. onion farmer 5 at gmail . com

  5. E.A. Beeson

      The Woes of a True Policeman

  6. Paul Hound

      Frederick Seidel’s Nice Weather 

  7. Ultra Vegina

      Among other things:

      -Empty Space by John M. Harrison
      -Celebrant by Michael Cisco
      -Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg
      -News From Berlin by Electric Kettle

  8. Anonymous

      “Your Name Here,” Helen DeWitt and Ilya Gridneff
      “Amour,” Michael Haneke
      “Fantasea,” Azealia Banks

  9. Trey

      I am excited to see Men in Black 3 when I get the chance. My brother and I are looking forward to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 later this year. Halo 4 also looks neat.

  10. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Ways I Could Be Living, Thomas Simmons
      D’Angelo doing stuff
      Beastie Boys tour with holograph MCA
      Naked bodies of ladies I’ve yet to meet

  11. Evan Hatch


  12. Anonymous

      I am very much looking forward to Paul Thomas Anderson’s film, The Master. I was also excited for Tarantino’s Django Unchained until I saw the first trailer. Now, not so much.

  13. Flavors

      Aw come on… the trailer made it look kinda great in my opinion. Blaxploitationy almost. I’m excited.

      In addition to those two, I’m looking forward to Looper, because Rian Johnson and that premise. Also Beasts of the Southern Wild. Also a whole bunch of other ones.

  14. Anonymous

      I’ll still see it, for sure. I just wish I could be more excited about it. Maybe it was the music in the trailer that did this to me. Without that I probably would’ve maintained my level of anticipation for it.

      Looper looks pretty great! It’s definitely a much better year for movies than last year.

  15. emmab

      new Swans album

  16. Taylor Napolsky

      albums: Linkin Park!

      movies: Spiderman, DKR, The Master

      books: I don’t know. I’ll probably read Rowling’s new one

  17. marshall mallicoat


  18. Jonny Ross


  19. Anonymous


  20. j orloski

      WIXIW by Liars just came out and that’s pretty nice.

  21. A D Jameson

      Oh, wow, I didn’t know about that!

  22. Anonymous

      Can’t wait for the Lincoln biopic with Daniel Day Lewis.  

  23. Anonymous

       Stop watching trailers.

  24. Anonymous

      The re-release of ‘Frowns Need Friends, Too.” by Sam Pink.

  25. postitbreakup


      batman even though batman returns > nolan

      spider-man, i guess. at least he’s hot

      if bright eyes or mgmt put out anything i’ll want to buy that

      i highly anticipated mad men but it’s over, and prometheus but it sucked

      mostly though i’m just excited about every love story is a ghost story

  26. postitbreakup

      yes the master fuck yeah

      magnolia, boogie nights, fucking there will be blood, now a religion movie, he’s amazing

      also i think charlie kaufman has something coming out too?

  27. postitbreakup

      i’m really curious how similar the style will be and of course if there’ll be any dirty parts

  28. Anonymous

      I think Charlie Kaufman’s movie is either coming out later this year or early next year. It’s called Frank or Francis.

  29. jtc

       what did you think of the people’s key? i assume good things. i thought it was one of the best albums–as a whole–that i’d ever heard. but i don’t expose myself to very much, and am mostly hanging onto those bands i listened to in high school or college and still find value in. i have been listening to iron & wine’s and mewithoutYou’s newest albums, and man…thematically, it is like a freaky mystic trinity, those three.

      i am not looking forward to anything that’s coming out this year, that i can think of, really. but, i will be going to see batman. didn’t know about the master, but will prob see that. i suppose if any of my favorite artists or authors or directors are doing anything this year, and i find out about it, i will be excited for that! i wish that dfw had another book to read.

  30. Taylor Napolsky

      I never thought about that. But yeah, I think the book will be good. She’s a great writer and clearly took her time with it.

  31. Taylor Napolsky

      I’ve heard such mixed things about Promethius. Some love it but I’ve heard it’s bad too.

      Dislike regarding BR>Nolan.

      what’s every love story is a ghost story? I’ll have to google that.

  32. Taylor Napolsky

      He never will though.

  33. jtc

       who knows man–i was pretty pissed to see new stuff added to the trade pb of The Pale King. i mean, excited but pissed too. for some stupid reason did not think they’d pull that shit.

  34. Taylor Napolsky

      Ha true. As I wrote that comment I thought in my head, “I really haven’t the slightest idea if he has more posthumous work coming out.”

  35. Michael Filippone

      Could you send it my way, too? mafilippone at gmail . com