May 3rd, 2011 / 10:54 am

Excited this morning to notice an update to the Calamari Press website listing four new forthcoming titles after somewhat of a hiatus, including: Gary Lutz’s Divorcer, Derek White’s ARK CODEX 0, and two debuts, A Mortal Affect by Vincent Standley and Sister Stop Breathing by Chiara Barzini.


  1. christian

      announcement of either new gary lutz or new calamari titles would have been enough to make my day. this is great. i’m also psyched to learn more about vincent standley’s book — i loved third bed.

  2. Nick Francis

      So excited about this news.

  3. DiTrapano


  4. J. A. Tyler

      Wow. Fantastic.

  5. Michael Filippone

      Hell yeah!

  6. darby

      Is the Lutz previously unpublished work? Buy.

  7. Derechio

      thx for posting, Blake.
      yes, the Lutz book is unpublished, though you may have read stories around here & there in Noon, Tinhouse & elsewhere.
      & i’m not the true author of Ark Codex, the author is Ark Codex.
      & if you’re in the NYC area, Chiara Barzini will be reading tomorrow (May 5) at the Noon launch at Center for Fiction.

  8. Matt Borondy

      Gary Lutz all the way FTW touchdown score etc.