November 17th, 2010 / 4:07 pm

Barnes & Noble is running a 50% off all Criterion Collection releases; I think it ends on Friday. Be careful. I’m buying at least Antichrist, Last Year at Marienbad, and House. What will you get?


  1. jereme_dean

      All the Rohmer + The Pornographers.

      My exwife killed my previous copy of it.

  2. Daniel Bailey


  3. Vladmir

      seven samurai

  4. common sense

      a netflix subscription and no clutter

  5. Blake Butler

      object slam from gen next

  6. Kevin Biggers

      house and the essential art house version of black orpheus. comes out to $25. free shipping.

  7. Matthew Simmons

      I’ll be getting fuck Barnes & Noble.

  8. Matthew Simmons

      Or, technically, the ability of my employer to provide me with a living wage and affordable, comprehensible health care will be getting fucked BY Barnes & Noble.

  9. Matthew Simmons

      Ooo! Ooo! Also, maybe Modern Times!

  10. Blake Butler

      corporate slam from gen x

  11. RK

      I haven’t kept up on the new criterion releases in a while. Had no idea they did Night of the Hunter. Will get that one for sure. Last Year At Marienbad and Night and Fog are two of the better movies I don’t own. Now’s the time to make that happen too.

  12. lorian long

      totes getting antichrist. sweet new cover, too.
      nanook of the north
      fat girl
      f for fake
      no persona?!

      might have to donate plasma to make december rent. shit.

  13. stephen

      i want to see antichrist. also would like to hear lars von trier’s commentary

  14. Monch

      Sword of Doom

  15. Untilwewokeup

      no one should want to see antichrist

  16. deadgod

      meta spam from < generation >

  17. letters journal

      Damn, have you seen Withnail & I?

  18. jereme_dean

      they were just playing that at the New Beverly on Sunday. Bad ass movie.

  19. lorian long

      u missed it in theatres? damn. something to be said for seeing it on a big screen, not to mention the audience, think ‘theatre of cruelty’

  20. JimR

      Alex Cox’s Walker.

      House is a film I’m glad I saw but wouldn’t want to see again, but it might be good for getting people out of your house when they won’t leave.

  21. Daniel Bailey

      i can’t comprehend why anyone would want to own night and fog. good movie, but seriously. when is anyone ever in the mood for a movie like that?

  22. I. Fontana

      A Nos Amours, directed by Maurice Pialat, with Sandrine Bonnaire

  23. letters journal

      Me too.

  24. goner

      The Battle of Algiers is my favorite movie of all time…I think. Highly recommended if you or your loved one has not seen it. But I don’t own it…so own it I shall.

  25. Jtchandl

      i love house. i didn’t know they were doing a criterion collection for it though. hugh laurie rocks! can’t wait for season 5.

  26. John Minichillo

      I love love High and Low.

  27. stephen

      i like that movie

  28. Daniel Bailey

      i can’t comprehend why anyone would want to own night and fog. good movie, but seriously. when is anyone ever in the mood for a movie like that?

  29. letters journal

      Me too.

  30. M Kitchell

      ehhhhhhhh i’m not so comfortable with artaud being compounded with antichrist

  31. M Kitchell

      izn’t house in like season 9 now or smth anyway

  32. Scott Thoroughly

      picked up Vivre sa vie, Dillinger is Dead, Breathless, and Mystery Train.
      then i did my best to forget this sale existed.

  33. reynard seifert

      you really wanna watch fat girl more than once?

  34. reynard seifert


  35. lorian long

      really? why? i think artaud’s influence on von trier shines with antichrist, more than any of his others

  36. M Kitchell

      mostly because the entire point of artaud’s “cruelty” (i.e. affect) is based on theatrical elements outside of the narrative (lights, sound, movement), whereas von trier’s “cruelty” (i.e. manipulation) is based purely within narrativity

  37. lorian long

      i watched it a second time just a month ago, hadn’t seen it since high school, liked it more at 26 than 17. i don’t own any breillat, and i want to own breillat

  38. lorian long

      true, and i think artaud considered cinema to be a ‘cheap’ conduit for cruelty, but i’d still argue that von trier is aiming for that ‘effect’ albeit misreading and misinterpreting artaud’s original intent. then again, i know someone who works at a theatre in san francisco and they lowered the temperature for the antichrist screening and even turned off the emergency lights, creating a very black, and very cold room (a la friedkin’s exorcist screenings), which i think is more in line with the ‘affect’

  39. M Kitchell

      well, naturally that’s more in line with affect, but that’s not something inherent to the film; that’s someone who works at a theater who is clearly awesome. i think the cinematic heritage of artaud can be traced to zulawski & then through the “new french extreme,” specifically grandrieux.

      check out Martine Beugnet’s Cinema and sensation : French film and the art of transgression

  40. Jeff

      Dangerous sale. Want House, Red Desert, By Brakhage II, Europa…

  41. lorian long

      yes, clearly awesome, tho he was instructed to do so by a publicist, not his manager, which is interesting. i don’t know much about grandrieux, but when i hear ‘new french extreme’ i think of a film like baise-moi, and if artaud can be traced thru something like that then i think he can be traced thru something like antichrist. thanks for the beugent suggestion, i’ll check it out.