November 20th, 2010 / 1:01 am


  1. chris
  2. deadgod

      Ouch. Ha ha. (The terminal date is also on the link in the snippet; scroll down to FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, where the second item points out:

      HOLIDAY SALE (ending 11/16/10)

      Thanks, god.

      (Maybe there has been/will continue an extension??)

  3. Owen Kaelin

      Too bad. I hate seeing an amazing thing and then having it pulled away from me right away because I missed the deadline. Oh, well… I absolutely love Dalkey to death, they’re just awesome. I was so happy to see this… for just a moment.

      $7 for each cool-ass book. New. …Not including s&h.
      Oh, well.

      And now that I’m no longer living in Boston . . . or any city at all . . . I have no used bookstores to visit, either.
      I’m still looking for a copy of Leonora Carrington’s Notes from Down Below. It’s still out of print.

      Why on earth why?

      I’ve been looking in used book stores for years and years because all this time it’s been Out of Print. Even though Lenora’s still alive and well (yay!). I’d buy it in a second if it was reassued. I guess Exact Change can’t touch it because she’s still alive.

      I think I’d even spend as much as $20 for the thing . . . assuming free shipping. Definitely not $85+shipping. (Is book shipping still $4.5?)

  4. David

      Hey all. The Dalkey sale is actually still running, despite the cut off date mentioned. I emailed to ask about it and was told that it was still going, hence why the sale information + add to cart option is still up, but they aren’t advertising it. Not sure why? Anyhow, the window of opportunity is still open for anyone who missed out.

  5. Owen Kaelin

      Cool. Thanks for letting us know, David. I’m going through their catalog tonight!

  6. Martin Riker

      Thanks for being interested in our sale. We had an end point posted but the newsletter announcing the sale got screwed up and didn’t send, so we’re leaving the pages for the sale up because people who should have heard about it in time did not, in fact, hear about it in time. If we can get the newsletter working (trying, trying) we’ll send out an announcement about it.