February 26th, 2011 / 3:22 am

Your best guess: what percentage of HTMLGIANT do you read?


  1. imgay


  2. Another Sean

      I have lots of things on my bookshelf that aren’t books!

      I have read 3% of everything on my bookshelf 2 or more times, or maybe that is 2% of everything on my bookshelf 3 or more times.

      I read about 75% of HTMLGIANT

      I don’t remember 98% of anything I read unless someone reminds me.

  3. zusya

      I don’t mean to sound like an asshole–I love this site for it’s diversionary-literary qualities–but more often than not, I find myself scrolling through (or past) a lot of unedited and unformatted coterie scrawl that seems more suitable for a personal blog than for a public forum to debate and exchange ideas. On its worst days, the site goes something like this: http://i.imgur.com/i04GK.png.

      On its best days I come across many discussions I’m interested in, take part in them, maybe glean a new way of looking at something literary-related along the way; and I’d say the vast majority of good to great threads (imho) start with a pointedly pithy posting (like this one, though gimmicks start to be huge turn-off sooner rather than later).

  4. shaun gannon

      i’m illiterate

  5. shaun gannon

      i’m illiterate

  6. shaun gannon

      i just pound on the keys and hope what comes out makes sense to people

  7. shaun gannon

      i just pound on the keys and hope what comes out makes sense to people

  8. zusya

      heh. i imagined you lounging on a bed or sofa, watching tv, and dictating to a literate helper monkey with glasses who types up your comments for you.

  9. deadgod

      Which writer/book/poem/story/literary era/language/race/gender/sexual orientation/socioeconomic class/transgressor would you share a toothbrush with, and why? If not, why not?

  10. phmadore


  11. NLY

      I read a good portion of it. I more or less decided to start coming here to learn more about the indie book world, so whenever something like that comes along I try to pay attention, and sometimes it pays off. I’d never heard of Percival Everett, until a post here brought him to my attention, and I’ll be looking for his books soon. Other stuff I read on the trail of own interest–if the beast don’t go there, I don’t hunt there.

  12. zusya


      answer: (D) all of the above IFF P != NP

  13. Janey Smith

      Andrew? I don’t really read HTMLGIANT. It reads me.

  14. marshall

      andrew james weatherhead
      andrew james weatherhead
      andrew james weatherhead
      andrew yames leatherhead

  15. marshall

      andrew james weatherhead
      andrew james weatherhead
      andrew james weatherhead
      andrew yames leatherhead

  16. karl taro

      is this post just a really lazy customer satisfaction survey?

  17. nba

      I’ve come to deeply appreciate the women who write for HTMLGIANT. I read the other posts too when they are good but the women are consistently good.

  18. Court

      50%, more or less.

  19. Claire Goldsby

      I think the catholic contributors to HTMLGIANT have superior skill and insight.

  20. phmadore

      It’ll probably be lost on the commenter, but good shot.

  21. phmadore

      I’ll go with Infinite Jest as interpreted by Percival Everett as deciphered by Roxane Gay’s view on Women’s Lib for 200, Alex.

  22. phmadore

      I agree. I’m okay with curated discussion forums like HTMLGIANT, but I think some posters really go out of their way to define the twists and turns that discussion will take. There’s some honor in the drive-by post.

  23. Another Sean


  24. Frank Tas

      50% sounds like a good number. I’m mostly on standby until another contest. Already won two in a row, looking for a threepeat!

  25. Daniel R.

      Well said.

  26. rawbbie

      I just lurk. That’s different than reading right?

  27. deadgod

      women womyn or women wimmin?

      Catholic Roman or catholic generalist?

      funny ha ha or funny peculiar?

      win-win win or win-win lose?

  28. curt

      chen fag

  29. Jack M


  30. effervescence

      i just control-F “weather” and read your stuff and then do the same with “jimmy” and read jimmy chen’s things and then sometime i scroll through it at the library when i’m feeling very depressed… maybe like 5%

  31. Jimmy Chen

      u jus dropped the ctrl-F bomb