February 29th, 2012 / 1:33 pm


  1. Mike Meginnis


  2. rawbbie

      One, Steven Irwin, commits suicide ~ 2 mins. Pretty sure he came back to life and hunted crocodiles.

  3. alex crowley

      not nearly as good as Tom Hanks’ finest moment: Mazes & Monsters

  4. Mike Meginnis

      I keep meaning to watch that.

  5. A D Jameson

      D&D made me want to commit suicide, many times.

      But then the 2nd Edition rules were published, and I was OK.

  6. alex crowley

      so worth it

  7. alan
  8. Anonymous

      ‘thought he could astrotravel’ that sounds like one kick ass DM

  9. Evan Hatch

      This makes D&D look way way more fun than it really is.

  10. Evan Hatch
  11. Sugar Bear

      Does anyone else feel like drinking a pound of water right now?

  12. Anonymous

      No. But I feel like it’s time for some new HTMLGIANT posts. Come on, people; AWP has been over for hours! 

      I didn’t go to AWP. Have never gone. I did read over the schedule and came upon an interesting panel and then googled one of its members and so discovered the journal Unstuck. 

  13. O

      I always had the feeling that HTMLGiant’s whole purpose was to sell the personalities of a few of its key members, and once that purpose had been achieved, more or less, the site would start to wither and wimper into complete stasis, which it’s arriving towards even quicker than I thought. That’s why it’s hard to take those people as seriously as they want to be taken. Because their contempt was obvious from the beginning. “Have you ever seen successful men who keep in touch with unsuccessful friends? Cause if it isn’t making dollars, then it isn’t making sense. If you aren’t moving units, then you’re not worth the expense. If you really want to make it, then you best remember this. If it isn’t penetration, then it isn’t worth the kiss.” Pedro the Lion. And what Pedro said is true. I’ve had it happen to me four times. I’ve had people I thought were friends not want to know me once they took the next step up the financial ladder. It has taught me that money is more important than friendship. Always. Even between childhood friends who have been through all of the major life milestones together. Maybe most of you already know this, that friendship doesn’t mean shit in the face of beaucoup dinero, but this is something I just learned, and I’m not happy about it. Because I was under the impression that it was me. That there was something about me that drove people away. I have been living under that pretense for the last decade and a half. And now I know it’s not me. Know I know that people really do like me. That I am a good person and that good things are going to happen for me. One day. If I don’t give up. If I work hard. Then one day me and all of my friends will see each other again. And we will have a laugh about the recent past and they will ask me what took me so long  and then we’ll have a spontaneous group hug. Because I miss my bros.

  14. Frank Tas, the Raptor
  15. A D Jameson

      I have a post scheduled to go live Monday morning at 8am. FWIW. It doesn’t really make sense to post it before then because very few people have been reading the site over the past few days (I can see the site stats). Even if you didn’t go to AWP, it would seem a majority of the site’s regular readers did.

      Cheers, Adam

  16. Mike

      Cheer up! We still have a new Tao Lin book and MFA programs to discuss. The internet is full of bros you might not yet know, so type in match.com and give it hell. Tomorrow is and udder day, young padawan. It’s morning in html land. Wake the fuck up and rise to the occasion.

  17. postitbreakup
  18. O

      But I don’t miss my bros if it means giving up my hos. Because I will not give up my hos. Hos before bros, always. 

  19. shaun gannon

      i quit the campaign i’m supposed to be in right now because one of the players kept stealing shit from the party in ways that shouldn’t have been possible – like how do you only make 1 roll, saying nothing, when trying to steal a sword on the floor that 4 people are staring at in a circle at the same time. and if you say sleight of hand i will kill you