June 9th, 2011 / 10:01 am

Visual representations of Infinite Jest objects (movie posters, tennis tourny flyers, etc.). The Quarterly Conversation dedicates a symposium to David Foster Wallace; Who Was David Foster Wallace? And Unbound is a Kickstarter for books. Oh wait: the writer of 20% of all Simpsons episodes has self-published a bunch of novels.


  1. M. Kitchell

      lol man most of the DFW visuals are totally busted

  2. stephen

      i enjoyed the lance olsen essay and the altschul

  3. xxy

      hard to argue with this sentiment from the scott esposito essay: ‘Finally, as the proper conclusion to this legend, with Wallace safely dead and ready for the hagiographers, the literary establishment is prepared to write the final chapter: The Pale King, the book that would have redeemed the precocious mess that is Infinite Jest, truncated by its author’s own suicide.’

      ‘precocious mess’ neatly summarizes IJ’s most glaring flaws. i’m only 100 pages into Pale King and it’s easy to see how much he would’ve blown IJ out of the water if he had had time to nail an compelling structure; over-arching themes of boredom and a massively sprawling bureaucracy play much more into DFW’s strengths as a clinically heady writer than entertainment and addiction.

  4. herocious

      dfw’s piece on federer is otherworldly. tennis became tennis after reading it.

  5. Trey

      Swartzwelder’s cover design isn’t so bad.