June 9th, 2011 / 12:33 am

Téa Obreht has won the Orange Prize for her debut novel The Tiger’s Wife. She is the youngest winner etc. etc. The other writers on the shortlist were Emma Donoghue,  Aminatta Forna, Emma Henderson, Nicole Krauss and Kathleen Winter.


  1. Your Guest

      Wow. I thought women writers were supposed to be grossly neglected and marginalized. I guess not. 

  2. postitbreakup

      The Orange Prize… is a prize for women

  3. xxy

      this is the first good thing i’ve heard about this book.

  4. douglas riggs

      In a stunning turn of events a woman has won the Orange Prize despite possession of ovaries, marginalization. It is the first time a woman has won the prize, an award given solely to women, in 13 years.

  5. Don

      I loved The Tiger’s Wife.

  6. Don

      Really?  You must not be listening.  Check out the review in the NYRB.

  7. Gus

      tigers wife is GOOD, my favorite book of the last two years probably.  GET IT GET IT TINY GURL.

  8. xxy

      just read it. reviews reads like a solid thumbs up.

      caveat: everyone i personally know who’s read it said it reads very flat.

      i guess i’ll check it out if i get the time.

  9. Don

      Reads flat?  Not at all.  It’s probably my favorite book of the year, next to THE ABSENT SEA by Carlos Franz.

      Her stories in the NYer have also been awesome.

  10. Gus

      now i’m gonna read the absent sea, thanks