July 5th, 2012 / 11:35 am

Does someone you know “get a boner” when they write?

If so, which “boner”?

And if so does that someone feel they need a “meat log” to write?


  1. David Fishkind

       it’s been known to happen to the best of us

  2. A D Jameson

      I’m working on a pretty sexy new novel right now, and I get aroused a lot while working on it. I think that’s a good sign?

  3. Rivas

      Hahhaa?? I don’t think there’s anything to get here is there? Or maybe Stinton’s lethargic cock, maybe – please? Get real, you prick.  

  4. Erik Stinson

      who the fuck….

  5. Rivas

      If you’re trying to be funny, its actually hilarious in a very Adam Sandler way… felicidades

  6. deadgod

      Isn’t there an expression, ‘written/writing with one hand’? 

      Messy multitasking? or preparation threatens the mood?

      Scriptus interruptus?  (–a Good Sign, Adam, if one wants the particular to resonate universally, or at least commonly.)

      Warning:  see a doctor if you write for more than four hours straight.

  7. mimi

      boner/bone-ette, please
      for the ladies

  8. A D Jameson

      Women can’t have boners? I learn something new every day…

  9. Anonymous

      its some kind of personal joke about snack food evryone
      cheese sticks are better

  10. tyler lebens

      Didn’t that youtube show with all the over-the-top dishes make a meatlog? Did Huck and Jim ever encounter a ‘meatlog’ on their journey down the mighty Mrs. Sip?

  11. Richard Grayson

      I assume you are doing research into 20th century British history and are as spelling-challenged as many young writers seem to be these days.  Here’s a start:

  12. kjtuyy

      i will not tolerate your mockery of a.d.

  13. A D Jameson

      I think the above are fair questions. There’s lots to explore in the opaque space between writing & boners.

  14. June Ward
  15. mimi

      let’s change ‘bone-ette’ to ‘boner-ette’, might be more apt, fitting

      ‘boner-ette’ as ‘diminutive of boner’

      ‘a boner-ette’ as in ‘a diminutive boner’

      does that help? 

  16. A D Jameson

      Since we know Ms. Pac Man’s a Ms. since she wears a bow,
      how bout we go real deep and call it
      a “bow-ner”?

  17. mdbell79

      In the same issue of The Paris Review, noticed by Hobart:

      Nicholson Baker: There’s no point in doing it (writing about sex) if it isn’t arousing to some degree… I think it would be really perverse to sit there completely unmoved.


      Dennis Cooper: When I wrote Frisk, for instance, one of my rules was that I could never get an erection when I was writing about sex—it was absolutely not allowed. If I started writing something and it got me hot, I’d stop, edit, and switch gears.

  18. mimi

      aw, that’s adorable, ADJ

      reminds me, there’s the elusive, much-sought-after sub-genre of the “boner” – the “beau-ner”

  19. mimi

      also, i’m sure there’s a “go real deep” joke to be found/made here, not sure i want to be the one to…

  20. garret travis

      reading this makes me suddenly aware and sad that I have not yet experienced the writing boner. new summer goal, I think.

  21. A D Jameson

      Let’s have a post/comments thread where everyone has to write the sexiest comment they can, getting boners and bowners and beauners.

  22. mimi

      well, i’ve heard of books being called ‘one-handers’ – i.e. reader has to be dexterous enough to hold the book/turn the pages with only one hand

  23. William VanDenBerg

      Let’s not forget the boehners.