June 9th, 2011 / 1:03 am

Best deal in town for rad literature: DALKEY SUMMER SALE. Up to 60% off and free US shipping, running through June 15th. Go.


  1. Nick


  2. Michael Filippone

      Let’s get some recs going. Here are mine:

      The Succubus by Vlado Zabot
      Necropolis by Boris Pahor
      Alias At The Fire by Jon Fosse
      Jerusalem by Goncalo M Tavares
      Our Circus Presents by Lucian Dan Teodorovici

      Of course you can’t go wrong with any of the DA classics: Markson, Toussaint, Elkin, Ajvaz, Unt, Quin, Jonke, Gass, Roubaud, O’Brien, Marcus, Williams, Crawford, Mathews, etc.

  3. Ilya Zarembsky

      Thx for the heads-up

  4. Joseph Riippi

      Time to flesh out my Toussaint and Elkin library, I suppose.


  5. Neil Griffin

      Which Toussaint would you all recommend? I have room on my cart for one.

  6. Adam Wilson

      I like Television by Toussaint. Other recs: Living End by Elkin, Imaginative Qualities of Actual Things by Sorrentino, Doting by Henry Green, Requiem by Curtis White, A Night at the Movies by Robert Coover, Pashion Artist by John Hawkes, Nightwork by Christine Schutt,  Sound on Sound by Christopher Sorrentino. So many good ones…

      Can anyone recommend an Ishmael Reed book?

  7. Don

      The Magic Kingdom by Stanley Elkin

      The Rabbi of Lud by Stanley Elkin

      News from the Empire by Fernando del Paso
      Count Julian by
      Juan Goytisolo
      Marks of Identity by Juan Goytisolo

      (of course, you have to have everything by Markson!)

  8. Don

      The new one is cool, but it might be too new to be allowed with the sale.

  9. alan

      Recommend Edouard Leve’s Suicide, for one.

  10. alan

      Recommend Edouard Leve’s Suicide, for one.

  11. Neil Griffin

      Thanks for the recommendations, everybody. Now to whittle it down from 25. Oy.

  12. Don


  13. alan

      Oh fuck, Mathews! Cigarettes! Check it out.

  14. Nick

      Take Five by D. Keith Mano
      Spleen by Olive Moore
      AVA by Carole Maso

      All these recommendations are make me want to order another ten books…