August 9th, 2011 / 12:10 pm

Today the New York Times tells us everything is going to be okay. That’s not quite what they say, but there are signs of growth in all markets. The adult fiction market, in particular, showed strong growth and e-books are doing pretty well so maybe this writing thing is going to work out, after all. Good news in publishing. Imagine that.


  1. Steve Himmer

      So what you’re saying is, go ahead and make the down payment on my yacht?

  2. Roxane

      That is exactly what I am saying.

  3. Michael FitzGerald

      Just bought another 4-wheeler.

  4. christopher.

      Refreshing to see the doom-speak put aside for a minute. Thanks for the share, Roxane.

  5. Guestagain

      if the NYT says it’s going to be okay, then you can take that to the… oh, on second thought, just buy gold

  6. Don

      Nassim Taleb defines wealth as not having to read the NYT.

  7. Donblue_usher
  8. deadgod

      not quite what they say

      Well, no; everything is going to be okay is “not quite” hints of revival.

      ‘Darkest just before dawn’ or ‘darkest before several hours of equally dark night’?  ‘Light at the end of the tunnel’ or ‘light at the front of the train’?

      Waving or drowning?

  9. DeWitt Brinson

      Technically, it’s always waving. Even if you’re drowning, you’re still waving at the shore for attention. Plus, you’re likely in waves. waves upon waves and you’re waving.

      Some waves mean “hi,” some mean “throw me a book about drowning so I may save myself, pay you back later,” and some mean water.

  10. Dawngrrrl

      Finally a positive report. Thanks for sharing, Roxane. I am SO tired of all the doom-and-gloom pieces. They all seem way exaggerated to me. Like OMG e-books OMG the internet we’re all gonna die because no one reads anymore wahhhh. Jesus, dudes. Chill out. Have some beers and buy some books. Seriously, it would be way more fun than all this wailing and gnashing of teeth you all have been up to.

  11. Dawn.

      Oops. I signed under my email, not my name. :)

  12. Dawn.

      WTF I hate my library’s computers.

  13. deadgod

      Technically, ‘floating on waves’ – even temporarily – is not “waving”, but rather, ‘bobbing’.

      I’d thought that this poem — — used “drowning” to refer not to ‘waves for help’ – intentionally signalling distress as opposed to joy – , but rather, to ‘helpless flails prefatory to going under’.  Maybe if the poet had had lexical help, she’d have written a better poem!

  14. Cvan

      It seems positive but I can’t help but wonder if the only reason sales are up is because 30 year olds (and many others) are reading books written for a target market of middle schoolers.

  15. the swarm

      lol ok for who?

  16. Guestagain

      Goldman-Sachs, Beyonce

  17. Jackson Nieuwland

      everything is fantastic

  18. DeWitt Brinson

      Poor poets, they need all the help they can get.

  19. deadgod

      Money would be fine.  Health, sex, and travel to follow.

  20. Andrew

      i like your links, “the truth”