November 16th, 2011 / 10:10 pm

You ever fart real loud at a reading?


  1. jeff noh

      ya, but only in pauses they take between numbered sections

  2. deadgod


      they who smelt it, dealt it

  3. Ryan Sanford Smith

      I’ve sat through many readings where I found myself thinking ‘I’d rather listen to someone farting loudly right now’.

  4. shaun gannon

      no how about you

  5. Matt Rowan

      How has this post not stimulated the kind of reaction in comments as the one that precedes it? 

  6. Cvan

      Yeah, I farted once at a reading, but the fortune teller wasn’t too happy about it.

  7. Jackson Nieuwland

      Nah but I blow spit bubbles sometimes

  8. UncleIstvan

      Me and my friends have an agreement.  If any of us ever win a Pulitzer, we will poop our pants on stage at the acceptance ceremony.  It has since been dubbed the “Poolitzer” Prize.  

      I feel like Bukowski farted constantly.

  9. Cvan

      I’d rather you showed, not told.

  10. Anonymous

      Bukowski didn’t know how to fart.

  11. David Fishkind