April 17th, 2011 / 3:21 pm

I admit it. I’ve been googling myself again. It’s Sunday afternoon. I’m stalling. Around page nine of my name –a few entries away from the really strange link asking if I want to find intelligence on my father–I stumbled across (not to be confused with Stumbling Upon, which would have been way less creepy) an excellent review in The Rumpus of Dean Young’s The Art of Recklessness by Darcie Dennigan. The review includes Walt Whitman’s semen in a conch shell, Peter Pan, Gertrude Stein on a spring day, and lots of oceanic hullabaloo, including shipwrecks. I’m always quoting Leopardi: How easeful to be wrecked in seas like these.


  1. Sean

      More people to admit they Google themselves.

  2. Daniel Bailey

      why does everyone always have to list whimsical items that are mentioned in linked whatevers?

  3. JimR

      I love that quote!

  4. Mark Folse

      I highly recommend Recklessness. “We are making birds, not birdcages” he lazily paraphrases rather than get up and pull out the book Still, over all brilliantly argued even if you don’t agree with everything he says.