May 23rd, 2013 / 12:18 pm

Dear everyone,

What would you most like to see at this site? More posts about writing and craft? More posts about Viktor Shklovsky? Jimmy Chen being forced to post something every single day? The violent death of a current contributor? The return of Boobs Friday? The creation of Bollocks Friday? Sandra Bullock Friday? Spout off and maybe by working together, you and I, we can make it happen …


  1. CssTitan

      More Kyle Minor!

  2. Bigplatts

      More Jimmy Chen obviously, he’s the best writer on here.

  3. gdurham

      Maybe like a series called “What is your favorite animal?” where everybody has to say what their favorite animal is and why they like it best. I just think it would be neat because sometimes you read a writer’s posts and you wonder, “What is the writer’s favorite animal?” and the information is unavailable.

  4. Victor Schultz

      i wanna see michael fischer/mfbomb/guest/series of hotels become a contributor. i mean it. HTMLG has had a lotta great substance in its posts over the years, and i think that stuff is important, but for better or worse, arguments to some degree sustain a community like this. i love, say, a jimmy chen post, but it (usually) ain’t gonna generate good arguments and have mufuckas coming back again and again throughout the day. but mfbomb can start an argument about anything. love that shit.

      what’s more, though i don’t always agree with him, he knows his shit and tends to talk about different lit than a lotta the names that usually get discussed in this joint. he comes from a little diff angle and it makes shit interesting around here.

      i think dude would bring value on both fronts–contributing worthwhile posts of actual substance while also, i dunno, keeping things lively in that more sensational sense. he’d rage every time he saw deadgod’s name in his comments trails. it’d be awesome.

  5. Guest

      No more book reviews

  6. Bobby Dixon

      This is a solid idea.

  7. Guest

      Need contributors who give a shit

  8. Guest

      Event coverage

  9. Guest


  10. A D Jameson

      For me it’s paramecium, no question. I think they’re pretty!

  11. deadgod

      You obviously don’t know anything about the wonderland of literary realism or the word “experiment” in Charles Dickens’s private correspondence. Ever heard of “Thomas Edison”?

      Tombstone of HTMLGiant: Victor Schultz commented here.

      I’ll take you seriously after you drop out of your Seth Abramson-approved creative-writing PhD on John Cage’s toilet-seat piss-dribblings, take out a loan to buy 10,000 Cracker Jacks for your MFA, and teach for 20 years in a community college for $200/wk and a laundry-room stipend.

      Grow up and read a book.


  12. Tim Jones-Yelvington
  13. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      More ads for Molly Ringwald books.

  14. Victor Schultz

      i’d welcome deadgod as a contributor too btw.

  15. Quincy Rhoads

      More Christopher Higgs posts

  16. Guest

      It’s about time you wrote a coherent comment, deadgod.

  17. deadgod

      It’s about time you understood one of them.


  18. gdurham


  19. Guest

      Yes, it is possible to write comments without your Roget’s program running in the background.




  21. Guest

      I’m kicking around a few ideas, Victor…

      To be clear, the angle I come from is one suspicious of affected “coolness,” which can be a problem here at times, and a problem Mike Meginnis pointed out in his fantastic post the other day (I’m not the only one who’s noticed this tendency). It’s not so much my desire to exert my interests on others–ask anyone who knows me in real life and they’ll confirm how open-minded I am—more than my annoyance with this habit of striking a cool pose, which often involves erecting foils and straw men to rage against. Here are a few examples that come to mind:

      1) Many posts and comments dealing with alt-lit that make uninformed generalizations about academia, realism, “tradition,” etc. See Wallace Baker’s post in the recent Nation Anthology thread.

      2) Chris Higgs’s experimental literature posts that almost always erect a boogeyman in order to apologize for experimental literature’s existence.

      3) Related to the above: many posts mentioning “realism” and “traditional,” which are pejoratives and dirty words on this site and shorthand for “boring.” If realism’s not your thing–fine–but you don’t need to misrepresent it to make your point. Represent it fairly and accurately.

      If I were to become a contributor, my posts would focus on a topic of interest without pitting that interest against an antagonistic opponent, because I can discuss what I’m interested in without becoming a professional wrestling promoter. I would work hard to define my terms and, when disagreeing with someone or something, represent that side fairly. In that regard, you shouldn’t expect my posts to be similar to the kinds of comments you mention above.

  22. Mike Meginnis

      I will do this within the week.

  23. A D Jameson

      I’d like to read all these things.

  24. A D Jameson

      I believe so. I think you can submit anything.

  25. Derik Badman

      More posts about Viktor Shklovsky!

  26. Quincy Rhoads

      The wording on the submissions page implies that only reviews and Sunday Service posts are open for submissions.

  27. A D Jameson

      My mistake then, apologies. Still, it never hurts to query…

  28. A D Jameson

      The people have spoken! Who am I to refuse their demands?

  29. mimi

      my ‘favorite animal’ is lion

      my ‘favorite companion’ is dog

  30. mimi

      i like lists

  31. mimi

      so why am i not commenting via giving you a list Right Now?

      just got home from werk, Too Tired To List

      : /

  32. Jeremy Hopkins

      If I send you (or post) a list of writers I like, could you tell me which ones are writing (or wrote) “realism”? (I’m not willing to pay you.) That way I could wonder what they all had in common.

  33. mimi

      deaders, one of the up-votes is from me
      is it ok if i don’t explain?

  34. mimi

      OMG TJ-Y you are totally adorable i had no idea!

      also, love all the info about centipedes
      i am a biology nerd

  35. Justin Chandler

      More Shklovsky sounds good. Since I’m trying to write too, any posts that deal with the process usually makes me feel better. I regularly like Jimmy Chen’s stuff. I usually skip the reviews, because I’m weird about reading them before I’ve read the book. Also, I think there are too many…

      I would like to see people post about their own work (a sort of “here’s what it was like for me to write this thing”), though I’m sure they’d get made fun of for it. Having other people talk about other people’s work would be really interesting though. Like, AD does a post about Meginnis’s “Navigators.” Or I do a post about “Sky Saw.” And but it’s actual focused on the uh…craaaft…

      Looking at the most recent posting reminds me that I’d like to see reviews that are actual reviews, and interviews that are actual interviews. Call me crazy, but I think it’d be awesome to hear about Ken’s experience writing Solip. Like, for real.

      Also, if deadgod isn’t already, deadgod should be a contributor.

  36. Guest

      Sure! Where does someone like myself with nothing better to do pick up his application to be Jeremy Hopkins’s unpaid secretary?

  37. Earl Stamper

      i appreciate the quality of jimmy chen’s output. anything greater than the number 0 of things written by jimmy chen i appreciate.

      less and possibly no comments/conversation based on speculation of an author’s motivation/intent.

      the navy seals have something called ‘hell week’ where they try the commitment of the trainees by depriving them of sleep and making them do drills.

      contributor ‘hell week’ where every contributor has to post 1 thing per 6 hours with a 2000 word minimum not including quotations or 1 7500 word minimum thing per 24 hours.

      testicle thursday.

  38. Jeremy Hopkins

      Trick question part1: Universal mimesis is impossible.
      Trick question part 2: I don’t like any writers.
      Trick question part 3: You don’t exist.

  39. Writer78

      Mimesis is the representation of reality–it doesn’t claim to be anything other than its definition. Not sure I get your question…

  40. William VanDenBerg

      This is a good idea.

  41. Mike Meginnis

      If someone finds a way to email one of the contributors (not hard) and sends them an amazing post I am pretty sure that amazing post will end up on here one way or another.

  42. deadgod

      That’s not possible–I upvoted the comment three times.

  43. deadgod

      That’s ‘The people has spoken!’.

  44. deadgod

      Battle of Wits!

      …oh, wait.

  45. Guest

      Y’all need to coax Roxane Gay back so she can do those round-up posts. Those were some of the best posts on this site and she’s the best person for the job. In terms of hits, they offer 5-7 topics for commenters to address–the odds are increased that a comment thread will get hot because numerous topics are dangled for discussion. She has her pulse on a lot of the hot literary news items and is good at synthesizing those items.

  46. mimi

      but deaders, that’s not so! i know it!

      and how do i know it? because i myself have tried to up-vote mine own comments, and i know it cain’t happen like that! (multiple self-up-voting, that is!) because i’m pretty sure you can’t up-vote your own comments more than once, and actually i’m not even sure that you can up-vote your own comment even once

      ima test this directly after i post This Comment (since i can’t say for sure enough)…

      hold on a minute…

  47. mimi

      …test shows that you can only up-vote your own comment once

      so there

  48. deadgod

      use your toes

      or different computers

  49. deadgod

      has her pulse on

  50. Guest

      The idiomatic phrase should be, “finger on the pulse.”

      Thanks for the correction and for replying to my commenticle.

  51. elias tezapsidis

      not sure a truer democratization will be beneficial in this case. but i guess i would like it to be possible for someone who wants to care to find meaning in the majority of things being said.

      also, i would like less thinking of what other people want to see. bc that s what got us(/you) to this “trouble.” and it might be funny this week, but it could feel cheap next month.

  52. Jeremy Hopkins

      Not sure I get your nongetting…

  53. mimi

      i’m not that flexible

  54. deadgod

      Oh… I thought it was a neometaphoricism! ‘Her systole/diastole harmonizes with’, or ‘has her bean [‘head’, mind] tuned in to’.

      There’s so much sloppy writing here, on a sentence level–it’s why the place is obviously dying. Everybody should take Comp 101 again–or teach it for 20 years at a state u, along with ‘Realism’ is a Word for Everything Else.

      And the place is also obviously dying because of all the apple-polishing: situations like Ken Baumann using intelligent remarks to disguise buttering up his ‘buddy’ Higgs, or deadgod jailhouse-lawyering for the self-evidently indefensible Oelbaum by calling attention to the content of Oelbaum’s blogicles.


      So thanks for the occasional calling of attention to your missing Roxane (Gay).

      And thanks, as always, for your instaresponsicle.

  55. Writer78

      You’re trying too hard. I think I’ve made one comment about “sloppy writing” and it was directed at Seth. My point wasn’t to cherry-pick his writing more than to comment on the relationship between his style and content (assumed that would be rather obvious). You’ve made similar observations about his style.

  56. Jeremy Hopkins


  57. Jeremy Hopkins

      It went away.

  58. Adam Digged

      i had to google john fowles to see if he was still alive. because i was starting to suspect that deadgod was he.

  59. Adam Digged

      would read

  60. Adam Digged

      more shakespeare

  61. mimi

      good idea for a post:

      a d jameson asks ‘who do you think is deadgod?’

      people speculate in comments

      mad hits

  62. Richard Grayson


  63. K.K.B.

      Andrea Coates! She’s so exhilarating and funny and crazy and energetic and unique. She’s deeply engaged with the concept of Alt Lit, but with a strongly different flavor that might contrast nicely here & add some spice. She seems to be very friendly and she consistently makes me laugh. And you know she’d love the invite.

      Also, a while back there was a link to Poets on Film that made me get addicted to Poets on Film. Hire them, too, and make them review trashy new movies again in their thrillingly beautiful way.

      I also really enjoy recommendations here, whether they’re indie or not, or even whether their literary or not. Literary minded people interact with the world in a way I enjoy and I like to hear what others are looking at / laughing at and listening to, etc.

      Those are my votes.

  64. Brooks Sterritt

      aw hell yeah

  65. Jeremy Hopkins

      I’d like to see more tacit admissions of guilt, both here and everywhere.

  66. mimi

      then you should read MY blog

  67. Jeremy Hopkins

      What’s that blurry pink thing that looks like an eraser?

  68. mimi

      erm, that’s a hand-written list of tacit admissions of guilt, of course, lying on a big red pillow, in my living room, blurred to protect the innocent

  69. mimi
  70. Jeremy Hopkins

      I was kind of hoping you’d written out some notes on an actual eraser cuz that would be totally surreal.

  71. mimi

      it’s not actually my hand-writing, it’s someone else’s, and she is so mentally unstable as to make interacting with her surreal

  72. columbusmatt

      HTMLGIANT loves HTMLGIANT « How Publishing Is Rigged