April 7th, 2011 / 11:59 am

Excellent essay on reading and walking by Lee Klein at the newly redesigned Swink.


  1. lauren

      Someone walked by me and my husband while we were driving the other day. She was not only reading a book while approaching an intersection, she was also wearing a hood. Perhaps too brave for me. My husband goes, “what, is the book really that good?” I didn’t want to admit out loud that I had done it before. I was the one driving, and was not close enough to read the cover…I also probably would have hit her, proving all this hit-by-a-bus mayhem, had I attempted to see for which book this young lady was risking her life.

  2. beardobees

      I came out of the subway this morning at the World Trade Center site reading “The Shutter of Snow” — tricky business between the particular book and the particularly large rush of people I had to wade through.