October 11th, 2010 / 1:13 am

Anteaus‘s Neglected Books of the 20th Century is the kind of list making me feel like a lazy reader.


  1. Trey

      one of stanley elkin’s choices was his own book. dang it.

  2. Michael

      My [Dalkey] edition of Butor’s Mobile is simply subtitled ‘a novel’, rather than the much more interesting and appropriate ‘Study for a Representation of the United States’ listed here. Might pen(cil) in a correction.

  3. Owen Kaelin

      Can you do that?

  4. apsiegel
  5. M Kitchell

      This site is where I first heard of Hans Henny Jahnn, who is awesome & has become one of my favorite authors.

  6. Trey

      haha, he can do it, but I can be annoyed by it.

  7. Slowstudies

      Both Butor books on this list are definitely worth investigating. As is Elkin’s A BAD MAN, even if he did choose it himself. Maybe I’m not reading very carefully, but there’s more than a bit of Elkin (among many, many other things) in Joshua Cohen’s writing, as I see this most strongly in connection with A BAD MAN (and THE LIVING END).

  8. letters journal

      Where did you find his books? Having a bit of trouble finding translations.

  9. M Kitchell

      The Ship– which is my favorite, I got through inter-library loan, since the only available translations are both impossible to find for sale for less than $100.

      The Night of Lead used to be in print from Atlas Press, and it was still available when they made ordering directly from them to the US possible, but it appears they are out of it now. I’ve never actually seen it anywhere used though.

      The only other thing available in English is “13 Uncanny Tales,” which I haven’t read, but I plan on getting it through the library soon.

  10. M Kitchell
  11. apsiegel

      Jahnn really is fantastic. If I could get a publisher to sign on, I would translate the rest of Nacht aus Blei (it’s a fragment of a much longer work), and Jahnn’s amazing plays (he did an outstanding version of Medea).

  12. M Kitchell

      It seems that many of my favorite non-French artists seem to surround Medea in some way (Jahnn’s play, Frans Zwartjes film, & early LvT’s film). That’s interesting to me.

      I am not a real publisher, but if you ever want to publish any excerpts or shorter works in a supremely limited edition (I have no idea how to figure out translation rights…) I’d be more than willing to do it at Solar Luxuriance. Because I love Jahnn, and want to read more.

  13. apsiegel
  14. reynard seifert

      interlibrary loan is the greatest thing ever

  15. M Kitchell

      it is absolutely the best