February 26th, 2011 / 7:20 pm

James Pate at Montevidayo says some really precise stuff about chaos and art, ending with this (YES): “With both–and with Grosz too, I would say– we’re left with an aesthetic that I like to think of as the abandoned house approach to art. You go in and wander around, but no one lives there anymore.”


  1. Wayne Thomas Jackson

      It is of lost to me for finding this so late–this is one of the most articulate saying of words that I have found in this course of reading-[ You go in and wonder around,but no one lives there anymore].this is good work and should be noticed…

  2. deadgod

      where there’s a “house”, there is ‘still’ a person

      for me, what’s useful about Deleuze is that his “affirmation of becoming” is not a naive “reversal”

      what’s beautiful about Beckett is that the expertise is not post-human

  3. Johannesgoransson
  4. Jjuneward

      Nature is a Haunted House — but Art — a House that tries to be haunted –E.D. in a letter to T.W.H.