October 15th, 2011 / 3:05 pm


  1. stephen

      i saw new directions was putting out new editions of clarice lispector with nice covers and stuff. i want to buy more lispector books

  2. Bradley Sands

      Wow, I’m really surprised Zachary Schomburg’s books sold that much, but they’re really great.

  3. Anonymous

      Zach Schomburg is my favorite contemporary poet.  Mad props to him for doing so well, the guy deserves it.

  4. deadgod

      Author  Let’s call it “eighteen”; sounds cool, good number.

      Editor  Sure.  . . . no, wait.  A big shot already took that sound and number.

      A  Oh.  How about “eleven”?  That’s got a smooth, sharp ring-a-ding!

      E  It’s Frank’s world, buddy.  Don’t get crazy.

      A  Okay, okay.  . . .   I like “fourteen”!  That’s the ticket!

      E  Naw–you’re weak.  Let’s sleep on it.

      [wakey time]

      E  Got it!  Twenty-two.

      A  Ha ha ha.