October 14th, 2013 / 11:59 am


organizers of the petition asking the Poetry Foundation to do more to help poets in need plan on visiting the Poetry Foundation in person soon to show the Foundation and its board how much community support they’ve got behind them.

and so they’re asking now for anyone sympathetic to the petition to please help spread the word by sharing on Facebook, tweeting, emailing, etc.

they have also created a Facebook Page which in less than 12 hours has received over 500 Likes !



  1. Rauan Klassnik

      does anyone know how much (if any) the Poetry Foundation helps Indie Presses ?? …. i know they spend a fair amount on their “Poetry” mag, but wouldn’t it be great if they could help Indie Presses too.

      Indie Presses find a way to get things done of course. Publishing Genius showed how much people are willing to help good writing (and support passionate proponents like Adam Robinson) when they recently raised over 10k through Kickstarter. But wouldn’t it be nice if The Foundation, could, for example, match certain fundraisers like that ???

  2. Rauan Klassnik

      i like Evie Shockley’s comment on the Petition page:

      “Poets are not eligible for pensions, as a matter of course. Those of us who care about poetry have to care for those who make it. The Poetry Foundation is pleased to honor poets for their work with financial prizes, as we have seen. Why not have annual prizes (say, five $10,000 awards) awarded to poets in need, in recognition of their contributions to our literary culture? Such poets could apply directly for the award or others could nominate them. I’m suggesting this in addition to Sandra Simonds’ excellent proposal.”

      but, i don’t think it’s ambitious enough… why not 50 $10,000 awards ?? … or 100 $5,000 awards … of course you’d need some oversight, administration, etc, but really, we’re talking $150,000,000 or more worth of assets,….